Finally there's a food truck that sells marijuana-infused food. (

New idea: Food truck sells pot-infused grub

The Cannabist: Back to the beach-side restaurant, where do you envision this happening? Seattle, I’m guessing, since the company is based there and their legal recreational sales will start this summer?

Angel: I’m a Florida boy, so ideally I’d love to be on every Florida beach someday. But for now we’re in Seattle, so we’re going to try to open on one of Seattle’s most beautiful beaches — and then San Diego would be a dream. If I had a bunch of restaurants around the country on beaches that I had to visit, I’d be a happy guy.

The Cannabist: I know legal recreational sales have yet to start in Seattle, but are you licensed for such sales yet?

Angel: We aren’t licensed yet. But were planning on meeting with some city and state officials to show them that we’re an asset to the community and they want us there for tourism and positive contributions to the local economy.

The Cannabist: How much would a nice dinner at your food truck — and eventually your restaurant — cost on average?

Angel: This will be a high-end meal either way, but our infused entrees will cost around $10 more than a typical entree. If you go to a restaurant where something would normally cost $15, you could expect to pay $25 at our place. Food cost is stagnant, but we’ll have some additional taxes and prep costs that will raise the price of the meal.

The Cannabist: And I would guess that all of the cannabutters and canna-oils being used to make the food in these establishments are being made via your products?

Angel: Yes, and we’re using the trucks to prototype our new stuff, the MB Pro. We’ll test it in the truck and make it incredible.

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The Cannabist: When do you expect to launch the MB Pro?

Angel: We’re hoping for the end of 2014.

The Cannabist: And what about the truck’s menu — will you have rotating items?

Angel: We’ll have a couple stable items, but we’re a business that never stays stagnant. We’re always evolving, and so will our menu. At the same time, how can you get rid of a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup — those are things that have to be on the menu.

The Cannabist: So you think this is the first infused-food truck in the U.S.?

Angel: I do believe we’re the first in the country. I looked around and tried to find another one, and when I couldn’t find another one I knew it was a good idea.

The Cannabist: Did your 4/20 weekend in Colorado leave you with any lasting impressions?

Angel: The people of Denver are great people. They really are supporting the cannabis community, and they’re up there with the state of Washington in leading the charge for the rest of the 48 states. It’s amazing to be a part of it and hopefully we play a significant role in making people healthier. You guys have a lot of good things going on there — and not just in the cannabis industry. I was there last 4/20, too, and in the last year it seems like there’s been some significant growth in the economy, and that’s not just cannabis. It’s just nice to see the recovery.