Finally there's a food truck that sells marijuana-infused food. (

Cannabis food truck visiting farmers market in Washington

Remember when we introduced you to the food truck that sells only marijuana-infused sandwiches and soups? The converted bus first appeared in Denver on 4/20 weekend, but the truck will debut in its home state of Washington this weekend.

The Samich Truck will make an appearance at the Jet City Farmers Market in Everett, Washington, on June 28.

The cannabis food truck won’t be peddling marijuana-infused meals to the masses, according to The Spokesman-Review. For now the truck’s sales will be limited to medical marijuana patients.

“As medical marijuana, that’s more of a gray area,” Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson told the newspaper.

Really, that’s a thing? Cannabis-infused coffee. Machine-rolled marijuana cigarettes. Joint-peddling vending machines. A THC-infused, ladies-only lube. A pot-packed piñata. The massage of your life, via a marijuana-infused lotion. Yes, really, these are all real things.

When we spoke with Garyn Angel, CEO of, which is behind the truck, he said the prices will be higher at his truck compared to other food trucks.

“This will be a high-end meal either way, but our infused entrees will cost around $10 more than a typical entree,” Angel told The Cannabist in April. “If you go to a restaurant where something would normally cost $15, you could expect to pay $25 at our place. Food cost is stagnant, but we’ll have some additional taxes and prep costs that will raise the price of the meal.”

Some sites, including Verge, are reporting that the truck’s “food items are each packed with between 30 and 100 milligrams of THC” — an alarming statistic, if it’s true. While seasoned stoners and everyday patients can handle that kind of dosage, the rest of the public should stick with lower doses.

The state of Colorado considers 10 milligrams of THC a single dose, and that’s often too much for many people new to cannabis. Those new to marijuana-infused edibles are encouraged to check out The Cannabist’s handy “Get educated about edibles: Eight tips for getting right dose” guide.

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