Cannabis, marijuana, pot, ganja — call it what you will. (Craig F. Walker, Denver Post file)

The cannabis lexicon: Terms to know, from A-Z

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OG —  See Kush. OG Kush is perhaps the most popular and coveted variety of cannabis in the USA, taking California by storm throughout the late ’90’s and early 2000’s and then moving across the country and commanding exorbitant prices. Though many believe the original OG may be the Triangle Kush, which originated in Florida, most of the various OGs that float around the world are the result of California’s love of the strain. Known for its incredibly pungent and distinct lemon floor cleaner, fuel, skunk, spice aroma, there are as many OG Kush varieties as there are stars in the sky. Whenever a celebrity or athlete does something noteworthy, you’ll probably see a few California OG varieties pop up in their honor (Charlie Sheen OG, Peyton Manning OG, etc.).
• “Nah, I only smoke OGs.” –Weed Snob

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Oil —  Refers to any hash oil, whether it is extracted via hydrocarbon, alcohol, or CO2.
• “I used to make my own oil, but I saw all those idiots blowing themselves up on YouTube and I decided to just buy it in the dispensaries instead.”

One hitter (see also: “one-y, bat, chillum, straight pipe” —  May refer to a smoking implement or an incredibly potent bud. If it’s the former, it’s a small, straight pipe that’s easy to conceal and holds very little pot. If it’s the latter, it’s a strain you want to smoke very little of, as you’ll be ripped out of your mind with more than a single hit.
• “I got a new one-hitter for my breaks at work.”
• “This new OG Kush I got is a one-hitter quitter.”

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Ounce —  Commonly called an “OZ” (pronounced, “oh-zee”), the ounce is the largest amount of cannabis most people will ever possess. This also happens to be the amount that is legal to possess in Colorado (medical marijuana users with a red card can possess two ounces).
• “We have an ounce purchase limit at this store, since we are a recreational dispensary only.”


The new weed lexicon
Concentrate on parchment.
(Seth McConnell, Denver Post file)

Parchment —  Traditionally used by grandmas and Martha Stewart types for baking cookies and breads without sticking, the parchment market over the past few years has probably seen a major boost in sales thanks to the extract community. Especially for BHO, but also for water hash, parchment is a required part of the process to prevent the sticky, resinous product from gumming up everything it touches. Parchment can be used for long-term storage of extracts, though it is advisable to put parchments inside a plastic bag to help keep moisture levels moderated.
• “The slab on that parchment over there weighed out at 110 grams… that’s a new record for me!”

Percolator —  Commonly known as a “perc,” a percolator is a part of the more complicated glass water pipes which adds an additional water chamber to the equation, helping to provide more cooling and diffusion, which makes the smoke smoother.
• “I like an inline perc more than a disc perc because it seems to produce less drag.”

Phenotype —  A technical term from genetics and horticulture, phenotype more or less means “genetic expression.” Each cannabis strain has two parent plants: one male and one female. When the female is pollinated by the male and produces seeds, those seeds contain the genetic material of both parents and (much like animal breeding) the resulting plants have only that genetic material with which to work. Excusing genetic mutations, a hybrid of two stable strains would product three distinct phenotypes: phenotype A, which leans more towards the mother; phenotype B, which leans more towards the father; and phenotype C, which is a blend of the two. Growers will then select their favorite choices from the phenotypes displayed, choosing plants based on a variety of qualities including: appearance, aroma, taste, effect, flowering time and stature. Phenotype is often shortened to simply “pheno.”
• “This pheno is super Kushy, but the other one is all Haze. It’s crazy how different two plants with the same parents can be.”

Pinner —  Tiny, thin joint low on marijuana content. Typically rolled from scraps of pot laying around or by someone who is really stingy with their weed, a pinner joint can be nice if you want to smoke but don’t have a bowl around. Otherwise, it’s a dick move. Called a pinner because it looks as thin as a safety pin.
• “We had just enough weed to roll a pinner, but no one got very high.”

Pre-roll —  A pre-rolled joint that is supplied by a dispensary or a cool dealer, the potency can vary. Because of the pre-rolled nature, some places will put trim or shake in there that isn’t as potent, since most people don’t break them open. They’re sometimes sealed with other people’s spit, which can be a turnoff for some.
• “They had a deal on pre-rolls this week, so I picked up five for us to smoke.”

Pressed hash —  After extraction, hash (normally water extracted, but also dry sieve) can be pressed using pressure and sometimes heat. If using heat, this process can activate the hash partially, but the primary purpose of this is to make it more dense and create an outer shell which keeps the inside terpene-rich and fresh for over a year. Traditional hash-making countries such as Morocco, Afghanistan, and Lebanon almost always press their hash, as it also makes it easier to transport.
• “I love smoking well-cured pressed hash, it burns forever and has great flavor all the way to the end.”

The new weed lexicon
You don’t have to spend a lot on a glass piece. (Denver Post file)

Prodo glass (production glass) —  Standing in contrast to the custom “heady glass,” production glass refers to pipes which are made in more of an assembly line process and all come out as close to identical as possible. Though the functionality is the same as the more expensive heady pieces, they are quite a bit cheaper, making them a better option for the less serious user who doesn’t want to shell out $500 for a pipe.
• “Even though it’s just some prodo glass, this piece is pretty sexy.”

Pull ‘n snap —  The texture of hash oil at which lies between a more runny oil and the shelf stable shatter at room temperature, a proper pull and snap is easily gripped by the dabber but pulls slightly before snapping off. The ambient temperature plays a huge part in oil’s texture, as more heat will make it more runny and sappy while cold will make it shatter.
• “My favorite texture by far is pull ‘n snap — I don’t like it when it’s soupy or too shattery.”

Purps —  Purps refers to any purple cannabis, but especially the true Purple family, which includes Grandaddy Purple, Purple Kush, Purple Urkle, and Grape Ape. Many of these varieties likely came from the Dutch Purple #1 genetic line, which was developed in the 1980’s and spread across the world via seed. Purple weed has traditionall been especially popular in Northern California, but it also commands a high price in places where most weed is brownish-green just because it stands out so much.
• “Dude, look at this purps I bought… it’s like smoking Barney the dinosaur.”

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