Cannabis, marijuana, pot, ganja — call it what you will. (Craig F. Walker, Denver Post file)

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A bag filled with marijuana trimmings comes out of the washing machine used during ice water extraction to make Rasta Bubble hash. (Joe Amon,  Denver Post file)
A bag filled with marijuana trimmings comes out of the washing machine used during ice water extraction to make bubble hash. (Joe Amon, Denver Post file)

Water hash (see also: bubble hash, full melt, iceolator hash, ice wax, jermichael, melt, solventless wax) —  Water hash is one of the most popular methods for making hash at home because it only involves a set of microscreen extraction bags, ice, and water. Fresh frozen plant material is preferred to make the best final product, though dry material is also used regularly. The plant material is loaded into a set of the specialized bags, agitated (either mechanically in a washing machine or by hand) and then strained out. The bags have varying micron sizes, which enable different sized particles to pass through; this serves to filter out larger plant matter and smaller pieces such as particulate and debris while keeping all the trichome heads and stalks separate. Generally, the best water hash is found in the 45 to 12 micron range, but the other grades still have cannabinoid content and can be used for cooking or tinctures.
• “I make water hash at home because I can get a pretty similar product to BHO but won’t ever blow myself up.”

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Wax —  The opaque, crumbly texture seen in hash oil, generally after being whipped over heat in order to introduce air into the product. Wax is preferred by old school concentrate smokers who don’t have a fancy rig, as it is easy to handle with bare hands and can simply be crumbled on top of a bowl to add an extra punch.
• “That dispensary has terrible flowers, but they source in some solid wax.”


Zip —  Slang term for an ounce, derived from the fact that it should fill up a Ziploc bag.
• “Can I get a zip of the kush?”


420 —  The ubiquitous code term for cannabis, it can refer to the time of day, as well as April 20, the unofficial marijuana holiday. It’s also used to denote places and people who are not opposed to marijuana use (420-friendly).
• “Oh, it’s that time again. Spark it up.”

710 —  The new “420” for dabbers, read it upside down and you’ll understand why (…psst, it spells “OIL”). It carries the same temporal obligations as 4:20 as well, but in true innovate modern dab-head fashion, it’s much easier to be awake and dabbing at both 7:10 a.m. and 7:10 p.m. than it is to be wiping sleep out of your eye and rolling a joint at 4:20 a.m. like some kind of Luddite neanderthal.
• “Hey brah, it’s 7:10… I guess that means we should do another dab, right?”

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