Cannabis, marijuana, pot, ganja — call it what you will. (Craig F. Walker, Denver Post file)

The cannabis lexicon: Terms to know, from A-Z

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Ganj/Ganja/Ghanja —  The most Rastafarian way to refer to your herb if you’re not in any way Rastafarian. Often used by guys in college dorm rooms adorned with Bob Marley posters.
• “Hey, you should stop by and puff some ganj with me, brah!”

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Germination —  The initial growth phase of a cannabis plant’s life, when it is grown from seed. Germination is also commonly called “seed popping”, as the seeds literally crack in half as the tiny seedling emerges and reaches for the light.
• “I just germinated those seeds, they popped yesterday in the wet paper towel, and now I’m gonna go stick them in some soil.”

The new weed lexicon
(Seth McConnell, Denver Post file)

Glass —  One of the most ubiquitous and popular ways to smoke marijuana, and way cooler than through a metal pipe. Unless, or course, you buy one of those little glass crack pipes by mistake from a gas station. Then, it’s pretty much the worst.
• “I’m dropping some big cash on a new glass piece this weekend.”

Green out —  Similar to blacking out from overconsumption of alcohol, green outs occur when you smoke so much cannabis that you lose a sense of time and place, often falling asleep or becoming incredibly quiet and paranoid. If someone greens out, they may want to go to the hospital, even though they’re just really high and a medical professional can’t do much for them. Green outs tend to occur more with incredibly potent edibles or dabs, but can still occur by smoking a boss amount of marijuana.
• “After that brownie, I had a major green out. Did you put a whole stick of butter in there?”

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Grinders —  Generally made of metal and containing multiple pieces, these are used to break up marijuana by threshing it between teeth attached to the top and bottom as opposed to your hands, preventing all of the sticky-icky from ending up on your fingers. High-end grinders contain a screen that allows kief to pass through, allowing you to collect it and top your bowl off.
• “I need to clean my grinder after 4/20. We probably put an ounce through the poor thing.”


Half —  1/2 ounce of cannabis, weighed out to 14 grams.
• “I’ll do a half of the Blueberry and a half of the Headband.”

Hash —  Traditionally “hashish” refers to any collection of the resin glands (trichomes) of the cannabis plant. Collection of the trichomes is performed via a variety of methods (dry sieve, water extraction), and the resulting product can be pressed, sieved, or microplaned into different consistencies depending upon the desired use and smoking method. Traditional hash-making countries press their hash, which makes it burn longer and also makes it easier for discreet transport.
• “Man, they don’t make hash like they used to… I remember getting this Moroccan 00 back in the 70’s that would smoke for an hour and get you super stoned.” -Pretty much any hippie over 60

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Haze —  One of the pillars of modern cannabis, the original Haze line is thought to have come from Colombian, Mexican and possibly Thai varieties which were being worked in Central California by a pair of brothers who became known as the “Haze Brothers.” This genetic line was passed onto breeders Sam the Skunkman and later Nevil Schoenmaker and became the craze of the Netherlands and most of Europe in the years following. The Haze is a tall, rangy plant that often takes 12 or more weeks to flower, which is difficult in most indoor grow rooms as well as with most outdoor growing seasons; this prompted the breeders to introduce shorter-flowering indica genetics into the mix such as Northern Lights and Skunk #1, creating some of cannabis’ most award-winning and noteworthy varieties such as Super Silver Haze, Nevil’s Haze, Super Lemon Haze, etc. Haze is prized for its almost electric, creative buzz which makes it a favorite of sativa smokers everywhere.
• “You pretty much can’t find Original Haze anywhere, but if you search hard enough through packs of Super Silver Haze, you might find a few crazies.”

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The new weed lexicon
This piece, in the care of Hitman Glass, is known as “Iron Hide,” by Banjo. It was on display at the Cannabis Cup in Denver on April 19, 2014. Click image to enlarge. (Seth McConnell, The Denver Post)

Heady glass —  The upper echelon of the craft of glassblowing, so-called “heady rigs” can cost upwards of $20,000 depending upon the level of intricacy and the amount of time it takes the glassblower to create it. Thought of more as fine art than they are used for actual smoking, most of these pieces would blend in at any gallery but often find their home on the shelves of trust fund dab kids.
• “That dude has so much heady glass it is ridiculous… if you sold it all, you could buy a Ferrari.”

Hog leg —  Coined in Louisiana according to some, this is just a joint that’s way too big. Like the entire leg of a hog. It is mostly a term used in the South, but it can also refer to a large amount of cocaine or a giant penis, so be careful how you use it.
• “We smoked a hog leg last night — and I’m not talking about mesquite if you know what I’m sayin’!”

Hookah —  A smoking device that originated in India, the large centralized bowl and multiple hoses (or “whips”) make it ideal for lots of people to get high together. Hookah bars, where people sit around and smoke flavored tobacco, frown on marijuana use, so don’t try to be that cool guy who tosses a little weed in there.
• “This ornamental hookah looks like something you’d see in a grandma’s house.”

Hybrid —  Though nearly all modern cannabis strains are hybridized in some form or another, this term most often refers to the in-between option which lies between the energetic, uppy sativa and the relaxing, sedative indica sides of the cannabis spectrum. Most dispensaries will organize their shelf in terms of indica, hybrid, and sativa to help patients understand how a given variety will effect them.
• “Everything is a hybrid these days, some just have slightly more indica or sativa influence.”

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Hydro —  A soil-less grow medium that delivers nutrients through water as opposed to dirt. Hydro refers to hydroponic systems used in the process.
• “I prefer hydro to outdoor, hands down.”

Hydrocarbon extractions —  Any extraction process that uses hydrocarbons such as butane, propane, pentane, or hexane.
• “We sell units which specialize in hydrocarbon extraction, making it safe for operators compared to the traditional open blasting methods.”

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