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The cannabis lexicon: Terms to know, from A-Z

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E-nail —  One of the newest innovations in dabbing technology, these plug-in devices use a heating element and a controller to keep the nail at a designated heat setting. Having full control of the heat on the nail (especially when used in combination with a carb cap) enables lower temperature dabbing, which offers more flavor and greater preservation of terpenes compared to using a torch. There are a variety of companies making similar devices, but the original invention can be credited to Task Rok, head of Highly Educated, which produces a line of titanium products for dabbing.
• “Dude, you gotta come over… I just got a new e-nail and it’s terp city over here.”

Earwax —  One of the many interchangeable terms used to describe the opaque variety of hash oil. This texture is normally achieved by whipping the extracted oil over heat, which infuses air into the product and makes a lighter, aerated texture. Some extractions will automatically turn to wax, which is known as “auto-buddering”.
• “I love earwax because I can just drop it onto my bowl and it makes the weed stronger.”

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Colorado edibles come in many forms, from snacks and sweet treats to beverages. (Ed Andrieski, Associated Press file)

Edibles —  Any cannabis product which is consumed orally and digested is considered an edible. Whether it is the stereotypical “pot brownie” or one of the sophisticated orally-active cannabis capsules, edibles are often recommended as the best choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without having to smoke anything. Cannabis consumed orally is quite a bit stronger and lasts longer, so it is always best to consume a little bit at a time in order to allow the full effects to develop.
• “I have asthma and can’t smoke, so I just eat edibles instead.”

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Eighth —  1/8th of an ounce of cannabis, weighed out to 3.5 grams. This is perhaps the most common unit of measurement for cannabis in the United States, but the rest of the world sticks with grams and kilos.
• “I don’t want a whole ounce of one strain, I like to go to the dispensary and get eight eighths instead so I can try everything.”

Endo —  Also spelled “indo,” this was popularized by the Snoop Dog song “Gin and Juice” and is a broad term for marijuana that was grown indoors, although people use it for just about any kind of bud today.
• “I prefer smoking my endo with a nice cocktail.”

Ent —  A slang term on Reddit and other sites for someone who smokes that’s more discreet than saying “I AM A MARIJUANA SMOKER!” It’s based on the trees (get it?) in “Lord of the Rings” that seem pretty stoned to most people who watch the movie.
• “Most of the people I know who use ‘ent’ spend too much time on /r/trees.”

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Errl —  Slang term for hash oil. Imagine yourself a very dabbed-out Southern gentleman and say the world, “oil”… that’s where the term came from.
• “Gimme dat errl.”

Extract —  See concentrate.


The new weed lexicon
A fatty is smoked in Medellin, Colombia, during the Global Marijuana March on May 3, 2014. (Raul Arboleda, AFP/Getty Images)

Fatty —  A joint or blunt that’s rolled with a ridiculous amount of weed in it, like something out of a Cheech & Chong film. These can be rolled for parties or concerts to allow for a generous number of passes, or just by one really sad guy sitting in his apartment with nothing much to do.
• “Bill always rolls the best fatties for the party.”

Fire —  A generic term for really, really great looking marijuana. So great, all you want to do is light it on fire and enjoy the smoke.
• “My favorite dispensary has lines, but that’s because they only stock fire.”

Flatbrim —  Part of the official Dab Kid outfit, these hats are usually made by Grassroots or occasionally sports-related, but the brim is always crispy and flat. Also, they are normally worn slightly cocked to the side and tilted.
• “I got that new Grassroots Bio-Diesel flatbrim, yo.”

Flower —  Rather than calling them “buds,” many modern cannabis aficionados refer to the female plant’s racemes (that’s the official horticulture term) as flowers. When you go into a dispensary, one of the most common first questions is, “Flowers, edibles, or concentrates?” This term may also refer to the flowering cycle, which is the point in the cannabis plant’s life when it receives 12 hours of light or less per day, which signals the onset of autumn and causes it to begin the flowering process.
• “So many people do nothing but dab, but I like nothing more than a nice flower.”
• “I am about to flip these plants into flower, they are big enough now.”

The new weed lexicon
Flowering stage (Seth McConnell, Denver Post file)

Flowering stage —  Every cannabis plant goes through two distinct cycles in its lifetime: vegetative stage, when the plant is actively growing; and flowering stage, when the plant is focusing most of its energy on producing flowers, which are essential for reproduction. When the plant’s light exposure falls at or below 12 hours daily, it triggers the flowering cycle. This natural response to the onset of autumn occurs in artificially-lighted environments as well, which is used to the advantage of the cannabis grower, as plants can be flowered at any time and the grower no longer has to wait an entire year for a harvest.
• “These plants have been in the flowering state for nearly eight weeks, so we will be chopping them in the next few days.”

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FMCD (Full Melt Clear Dome) —  The top grade of water hash and dry sieve, which is indicated by the way it bubbles when heated. In order to see this most clearly, it’s best to use a screen and smoke the hash on its own. Applying light, indirect heat will cause the hash to start to melt and puddle — if it’s really good, you’ll see large, clear bubbles forming readily as the hash melts away to basically nothing.
• “That dry sieve that ThaDocta made was crazy good, it was total FMCD status.”

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