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The cannabis lexicon: Terms to know, from A-Z

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The new weed lexicon
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QP —  The slang term for a quarter pound of marijuana. This is the amount that your drug dealer friend in high school probably bought from his “guy” and then grossly overcharged you for the labor of breaking it up into eighths and grams.
• “I remember the days of slingin’ QPs, but now I just grow for myself and keep it all.”

Quarter —  1/4 ounce of cannabis, weighed out to 7 grams. If you want more than an eighth, this is your next step normally.
• “Woah, I’ll definitely take a quarter of that Sour Diesel, it smells amazing.”


Re-up —  When it’s time to buy more weed, you need to re-up. This is generally used more by dealers who need to replenish their overall stash but don’t control the means of production.
• “You should come over in a couple hours. I have to re-up first and then you can get an eighth.”

Reclaim —  The goop that collects in your concentrate rig. Basically it’s the oil smoker’s version of resin… it smells kinda gross, but it will still get you high. Some people have taken to cleaning out their rigs with alcohol and then evaporating it off to collect the reclaim for cooking, as it is essentially activated hash oil, having gone through the process of being heated and condensed back into the rig.
• “Look at that gross ball of reclaim floating around in there. You need to clean your rig, man.”

Recreational marijuana in Colorado
Customers lineup to buy recreational marijuana at 3D Cannabis Center in Denver on Jan. 1, 2014. (RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post)

Recreational —  Stores that sell marijuana without being overtly medical in nature. In Colorado, this means anyone who is 21 or older can purchase cannabis by simply showing their ID. Also known as rec shops, prices are generally higher because of demand and high taxes placed on purchases. Recreational shops are generally known by their longer lines, snooty budtenders, and lower selection than medical shops.
• “I used to like their shop a lot more before they went recreational and the lines were out of control.”

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Map: Colorado recreational marijuana shops and medical dispensaries

Reefer —  Likely a version of the Mexican Spanish “grifa” or marijuana/drug addict, reefer became popularized in the 1920’s as a term for a marijuana cigarette. It’s best known for the propaganda film “Reefer Madness” where a man smokes pot and murders his family.
• “Old people are always worried about kids smoking the reefer.”

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Regs (bottom shelf) —  The stuff you’re bummed to get because it isn’t fire, or the stuff you’re overjoyed to get because you’re on a budget/can’t find anything else. Smoking regs will get you high, but even beasters are superior in quality. This is the bottom-shelf offering at a dispensary; they basically give it away and then destroy the genetics, or keep it around because it yields well.
• “All my dude had this week were regs. Can you call your dude?”

Resin —  Most often refers to the black, tar-like substance that accumulates in a pipe after repeated use. If you’re down to smoking resin, times are hard. It has THC in it, but is extremely messy and must be scraped from your piece before you can smoke it, although sometimes a bowl can be so clogged that you can simply light an empty pipe and get a hit from it. It tastes awful and gives you a mediocre high that can result in a mean headache.
• “We had a pretty big ball of resin, but I don’t know if it was worth it after we smoked it.”

Rig —  The term for the glass pipes used for smoking concentrates, also called “oil rig.” As opposed to having a bowl for smoking flowers, these pipes utilize a nail or some type of other device which can be heated to a high enough temperature that the concentrate vaporizes. Rigs almost always utilize water for cooling because the smoke coming off the nail is entirely too hot for a dry hit.
• “Let’s go rig shopping.”

Roach —  The small, resinated end of a joint that could only be smoked if you wanted to burn the living daylights out of your fingers. The resin tends to make it look brown, resembling a cockroach. Some people take pride in being able to smoke a roach very far down, but doing so can burn your lips, which makes you look like a real tool. The roach clip was invented to make sure the end didn’t go to waste, but people save roaches for when they’ve run out of pot. They’re then broken down and loaded in a pipe, or re-rolled into one really stinky joint.
• “I’ve got a bag full of roaches if you really need to burn.”

Roach clip —  A small, usually metal device that clamps on to the end of a joint, enabling you to continue smoking without worrying about burning your fingers. When using a roach clip, it’s important to make sure you ash the roach to prevent said ash from flying into your mouth, a most unpleasant end to a smoking experience. There’s also a great propensity to burn your lips, so most people make a stoner version of duck-face when using a roach clip.
• “I don’t have a roach clip, but this paper clip will work.”

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