Smoke DZA, who plays Red Rocks on 4/20 with Snoop Dogg and others, is coming to party. And he's bringing his OG Kush with him. (Steve-Ography)

Smoke DZA talks Wiz, OG Kush and doing Red Rocks with Snoop on 4/20

The 4/20 holiday is among the busiest times of year for a number of industries, including but not limited to marijuana.

Also bumping each 4/20: Hip-hop. Yes, these MCs and beat-makers are quite popular with the weed set, so who better to entertain the high masses than Snoop Dogg, Wyclef Jean, Wiz Khalifa and Smoke DZA — all of whom will play Colorado sets this weekend.

We caught up with Smoke DZA today to chat about his favorite (and only) strain of marijuana, how he ended up on Snoop’s 4/20 bill at Red Rocks and who, of his many guest artists on the new “Dream.Zone.Achieve” full-length, is the biggest stoner.

The Cannabist: Word on the street says you’re an OG Kush man — and that’s all you smoke. Why that strain?

Smoke DZA: Very true. It’s the most potent strain. I just love it.

The Cannabist: Is this your first Colorado trip since Jan. 1? Are you planning on buying legal weed while you’re here?

Smoke DZA: I definitely plan on buying some legally, just to say I did. But I’m sure I will be blessed with tons of free stuff, so it’s a win-win.

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The Cannabist: So you’re playing one of the most incredible venues in the world on 4/20. Psyched?

Smoke DZA: Yes! Very excited for a lot of reasons — including playing at one of the best venues in the world and sharing the stage with two of the world’s greatest stoners, as well.

The Cannabist: How did you end up on Snoop’s show?

Smoke DZA: Well, it was something I personally pushed for because that’s one of my favorite people in the world. I just wanted to sit with him and soak game. My publicists reached out to his people, and the interest was the same, so they made it happen.

The Cannabist: “Dream.Zone.Achieve” is a sprawling blast. Tell me about the story behind “Legends in the Making.”

Smoke DZA: Thanks! Working on this album I felt like I needed to have a song with both of my brothers Wiz and Spitta on it, because I felt the world needed that. A lot of pot was blown, and good bars were spewed, so it worked out for everyone

The Cannabist: What about working with all those cats — Wiz, Cam’ron, Joey, Ty. Who smoked the most?

Smoke DZA: It was a pleasure working with all of the guys you named. Wiz definitely smoked the most, ha, but everyone went hard.

The Cannabist: Have you heard anything about the way Colorado celebrates 4/20? Are you curious to see the Cup or the Rally?

Smoke DZA: I’ve heard a few things, and I’m definitely curious to check out the mile-high activities on our stoner birthday.