Alicia Wallace

Alicia Wallace

Alicia Wallace is a business reporter who specializes in covering the cannabis industry for The Denver Post and, formerly, for its web vertical The Cannabist. In her 15 years as a business news reporter, her coverage has spanned topics such as the economy, Sports Authority, craft beer, airlines, biotech, technology and natural foods.

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Colorado’s marijuana czar and fellow top regulator make leap into consulting

Andrew Freedman, the Colorado director of marijuana coordination, is part of a trio of drug policy experts who aim to help governments craft cannabis regulations.

Former state marijuana enforcement chief to head Colorado cannabis chamber

Laura Harris, a former top marijuana enforcement regulator in Colorado, has taken up the cause to advance the state’s marijuana businesses.

Urgent quest for answers has states, nations upping ante on cannabis research

Now three years into legal marijuana that kicked off in Colorado, there’s a greater focus on cannabis research at a national and global scale.

What legal states need to know about sketchy pot tax predictions

Before Colorado’s groundbreaking marijuana sales started in 2014, pot tax projections were all over the map. There are lessons in getting the forecast right.

New DEA rule on extracts, CBD causes commotion in cannabis industry

A little three-page document published this week in the U.S. Federal Register sent some fairly big shock waves through the cannabis industry.

Canada marijuana task force releases sweeping report on national legalization

Canada’s marijuana legalization task force on Tuesday outlined 80 recommendations for the country’s potential legal cannabis regime.

Multinational firm with roots in Canada makes moves into Colorado cannabis

Earlier this week, iAnthus officials announced the Toronto- and New York-based company had snapped up the assets and intellectual property of Breckenridge’s Organix LLC for nearly $4.4 million.

In wake of Arizona recreational pot rejection, here are the state’s latest cannabis market projections

Arizona voters rejected a measure for recreational marijuana sales in November. Here’s the latest market data on the state’s medical marijuana market.

This state could account for 14 percent of the U.S. medical marijuana market by 2020

A medical marijuana measure passed here on Election Night. Now this state is projected to have the second-highest medical cannabis sales in the country.

Scotts Miracle-Gro charges ahead in hydroponics, takes control of Boulder’s AeroGrow

Scotts Miracle-Gro now is the majority owner of AeroGrow, the indoor gardening products company that was Scotts’ first foray into hydroponics.

Is legal weed flattening beer sales?

A research note from Cowen & Company suggests that beer volume sales in the legal recreational cannabis states are lagging overall U.S. beer sales.

Cannabis real estate company hits Wall Street with a whimper in downsized IPO

Innovative Industrial Properties, the first cannabis company on a major U.S. stock exchange, failed to make a big splash in its Wall Street debut.

Canada marijuana legalization takes big step with federal report now complete

Canada’s marijuana task force announced Wednesday that it has fulfilled its mission and soon will deliver a final report to the government outlining recommendations for the country’s legal cannabis framework.

Exit interview: Obama talks marijuana in Rolling Stone

In this “exit interview” with the music and popular culture magazine, the outgoing president touched on a variety of topics — including marijuana.

Credit this man for helping medical marijuana make surprising headway in America’s Heartland

A 66-year-old North Dakota native spearheaded the medical marijuana ballot measure overwhelmingly approved by voters after lawmakers shot down legislation.

Cannabis real estate company gets NYSE approval, but Wall Street debut delayed

The first cannabis company to land a listing on the New York Stock Exchange could go public soon, but some factors might be giving investors pause.

Federal medical marijuana protections could get short extension

Lawmakers’ push for a short-term spending bill may result in protections for medical marijuana states continuing into early 2017.

Trump’s pick for attorney general not fan of legal weed

Donald Trump selects Jeff Sessions as U.S. attorney general; if he’s confirmed, will new head of Department of Justice change course of federal marijuana enforcement?

Who’s latest name to join mix for U.S. Attorney General?

As president-elect Donald J. Trump starts to fill his Cabinet, a new name has emerged in the swirl of speculation of who will serve as Attorney General.

Looking ‘Future Forward,’ 2016 Cannabist Awards honor marijuana industry’s biggest innovators, influencers

California’s lieutenant governor, Dr. Bronner’s, Vicente Sederberg LLC, were among the winners in 40 categories at the 2016 Cannabist Awards in Las Vegas.

A record September for Colorado’s marijuana shops

Colorado’s marijuana industry is continuing its record-setting revenue streak. Sales in September 2016 notched a new monthly high for the state’s pot shops.

National anti-pot group SAM takes stock post-election: ‘No one’s closing up shop over here’

One of the leading opponents of marijuana legalization said his side isn’t striking the colors and instead is emboldened by activity around cannabis.

High-CBD products are gaining traction in pot shops and reaching beyond typical consumers, new report shows

High-CBD products are a small segment of Washington’s marijuana market, but sales of the typically medicinal-focused products are growing.

Five immediate concerns for states with new marijuana laws

Several states have legalized marijuana in 2016. What’s their next step? Here’s some expert advice from seasoned pros in Colorado.

What’s next for U.S. marijuana industry under President Trump?

The future for the U.S. marijuana industry, with multiple states passing new laws, is tinged with uncertainty with Donald Trump becoming U.S. President-Elect.

Pueblo voters reject proposals to shut down existing marijuana businesses

Pueblo marijuana results: Residents in Pueblo County, Colo., want to keep their community’s burgeoning recreational marijuana industry.

A greener America: Marijuana’s big statement in Election 2016

The latest election results for the nine U.S. states voting whether to legalize the recreational or medical use of marijuana.

Everybody wants a piece of the pot tax pie. What’s plan for state spending?

Here’s a glance at how pot tax revenue has been put to use in states with recreational marijuana, and some directions the money may go in newly legal states.

Scotts Miracle-Gro in talks with EPA about marijuana pesticides

Scotts Miracle-Gro’s push into hydroponics has a new twist: The lawn-and-garden giant wants to corner the market on cannabis pesticides.

Cannabis at the ballot box: Is the push for U.S. marijuana legalization reaching critical mass?

Voters in nine states are deciding on whether to legalize the recreational or medical uses of marijuana. Could their outcomes force nationwide legalization?

Is marijuana mind-set changing in the Bible Belt?

Medical marijuana is back on the ballot in Arkansas; although it’s looking like another photo finish, the cannabis landscape in the Bible Belt has changed.

The non-weed biz world is zeroing in on legalization

The talk of expanded marijuana legalization is starting to pop up in SEC filings for non-cannabis firms in sectors such as alcohol, pharmaceuticals, finance and behavioral health.

Texas cannabis oil businesses face staggering fee increase for licensing

Businesses seeking to operate under Texas’ new limited medical marijuana program may end up having to pay a pretty penny — actually 130 million of them.

Question 200 in Pueblo County: Everything you need to know about vote to repeal marijuana law

The ins and outs of ballot measures that would ban recreational marijuana businesses in this southern Colorado city. Countywide Pueblo Question 200 and city ballot Question 300 both repeal local pot laws.

Report: Colorado weed is now a behemoth with a $2.4 billion economic impact

Colorado’s legal marijuana industry, with a projected $2.39 billion economic impact, has quickly become one of the state’s largest industries.

The world’s foremost researcher on medical cannabis is coming to Colorado

The “Father of Cannabis Research” is coming to Colorado to present a lecture at the inaugural conference for the Institute of Cannabis Research in Pueblo.

How Colorado became the planet’s top mentor in legalizing and regulating cannabis

Dozens of politicians and other groups spanning the globe seek guidance from Denver and Colorado marijuana officials, who were first to regulate weed sales.

Arizona’s anti-pot PAC just got $1 million from U.S. tire shop giant to fight Prop. 205

The political action committee opposing pot legalization in Arizona received a $1 million contribution from the nation’s largest independent tire dealer.

This San Diego company is banking on medical marijuana cultivation with $175 million planned IPO

Citing medical marijuana momentum, Innovative Industrial Properties is planning an IPO. The San Diego real estate firm focuses on cultivation facilities.

Delaware legalization on the brain with new poll in favor and plans for 2017 legislation

A movement for Delaware marijuana legalization appears to be gaining steam, according to a September 2016 poll conducted by the University of Delaware.

Where is weed legal? Map of U.S. marijuana laws by state

U.S. map breaking down legalization of marijuana laws by state, with a look at adult-use legal marijuana, medical cannabis, CBD-only laws & more.

This Canadian province says the minimum age for buying legal marijuana should be 25

If Canada were to legalize marijuana, sales should be limited to adults over the age of 25, health officials for one province are recommending.

Colorado pot shops sold a record-breaking amount of marijuana in August 2016

The latest Colorado revenue data show whether the state’s marijuana industry continued its record-setting pace in August 2016.

Study finds U.S. marijuana arrests outpace those for violent crime, urges drug decriminalization

New report by prominent human-rights groups notes marijuana arrests outnumber those for violent crimes, highlights the human toll of America’s arrest-first drug policy and urges decriminalization of drug use.

U.S. drug czar: The feds have dragged their feet on pot research

The U.S. government hasn’t really done what it could to further medical marijuana research, the nation’s drug czar said recently.

Trending: All state recreational marijuana measures polling in favor of legalization

Just weeks before Election Day, recreational marijuana initiatives in five states appear to be trending favorably in the latest polls.

This Colorado hemp firm is overhauling its operations to achieve ‘extraordinary growth’

A Colorado producer of hemp oils, derivatives and finished products is jumping into the private-label business and building a new production facility.

Marijuana edibles will look different in Colorado starting Oct. 1, among many new state rules

A push to raise safety awareness about Colorado marijuana edibles brings several new regulations starting Oct. 1, 2016.