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POLL: When will marijuana be legalized by the federal government?

It’s the $1 billion question in the cannabis industry: When will marijuana be legalized by the federal government?

Everybody has an opinion. Some are more idealistic than others, thinking it could happen in the next calendar year. Others wonder if they’ll see federal-level cannabis legalization in their lifetime. Even The New York Times’ editorial board is going all in on the discussion, saying “The federal government should repeal the ban on marijuana” — and activists are cheering the paper’s recent editorial.

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“Nobody really knows,” said Aaron Smith, executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association. “It would take an act of Congress, which is a monumental task, getting Congress to act on anything.

“But 2017-18 will be a huge tipping point — when California passes in 2016 and another year or two for that to be implemented. At that point the largest state in the country and the largest cannabis market in the country will be regulated, and it’s my hope that Congress at least then will overturn the federal ban.”

And so we put the question to you, dear readers. Tell us what you think:

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