The price for two grams of a strain named Sweet Lafayette, is displayed at Top Shelf Cannabis, on Tuesday, July 8, 2014, in Bellingham, Wash., on the first day of legal sales of recreational marijuana in the state. (Ted S. Warren, The Associated Press)

Cost of cannabis: How much is a gram of weed in Washington?

So how much are the newly opened Washington pot shops charging for a gram of weed on Opening Day?

“We started selling a gram for $10 earlier this morning,” Thomas Beckley, an owner at Bellingham’s Top Shelf Cannabis, told The Cannabist on July 8. “Now our grams are going for closer to $13-$15 each, and we’re selling them in two-gram packages.”

Those $10-$15 per gram prices seem somewhat consistent with what people are tweeting, but others are allegedly seeing considerably higher prices.

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$13 per gram:

$20 per gram:

$37 per gram:

Especially given some of the higher prices being mentioned, many are declaring the black market alive and well: