Stevie Askew, a worker at Sea of Green Farms, packs recreational marijuana into blunts on Tuesday, July 1, in preparations for Washington pot stores' legal recreational that begin Tuesday, July 8. The grower, the first business licensed to grow recreational marijuana in Washington state, worked all weekend to have supplies ready for stores that were expected to be granted sale licenses on Monday. (Ted S. Warren, The Associated Press)

A shout out to 20 people who made Washington’s pot debut memorable

It’s Opening Day in Washington state’s retail marijuana shops, and this post is dedicated to the fair people of that Pacific Northwestern state — the people who surprised us, the people who made us laugh and the people who said something poignant at just the right time.

So take your time in getting to know these 20 Washington residents and visitors who took part in a conversation about marijuana legalization on July 8, 2014:

1. The people who are quite quotable:

2. The people “visiting their grandparents.” In Seattle. During the week. On the day retail pot sales began:

3. The people who are buying weed (of course):

Opening Day in Washington:
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4. The people selling out of strains:

5. The people calling in sick to Microsoft so they could buy legal weed:

6. The people who are in their mid-60s but still camped overnight to be first in Seattle’s line:

7. The people trying to quantify future tourism impact (have fun with that one, btw):

8. The people who are going to be sunburned tomorrow:

9. The people who think their whole home state is stoned:

10. The people who shake hands before a big moment:

Meet 10 more people taking part in this conversation of legalization: