A marijuana plant. (Denver Post file photo)

Welcome to The Cannabist (video)

Where am I?

Why, you’re on The Cannabist, a brand new site dedicated to the culture of cannabis. Welcome!

Is this site only for stoners?

We love the stoners, but this site is for everyone. Click around and you’ll see stories on cooking, workplace issues, international news, pets, pot strains/edibles and entertainment (music, film, comedy, video games and more). Yes, our focus is marijuana; but as legalization spreads, so does cannabis’ influence on the world around us.

Why should I bookmark this site — thecannabist.co — right now?

Because you want to know who’s playing Red Rocks for 4/20 — and you’re wondering if it’s legal to smoke weed at Red Rocks. Because you’re thinking about incorporating weed into your cooking. Because you want to keep up with your younger friends and grown kids and understand their penchant for music and video games. (Or because you are those friends/grown kids, and you want to know why the top ticket price for Wu-Year’s Eve at Cervantes is $800.) Because it’s becoming unavoidable in pop culture. And because recreational pot is legal in Colorado and Washington and Uruguay and you want to know who will be next to decriminalize the drug and legalize it medically, recreationally.

Is this what that guy was talking about on “The Colbert Report” / “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” / “60 Minutes” / The New York Times / The Guardian / “On the Media” / Mashable / “CBS This Morning” / Vice / CNN / whatever else?

Yes, and I’m that guy! The Post appointed me its first ever marijuana editor in November. Yeah, it’s pretty cool — and it looks great on a business card and really, really strange on a LinkedIn profile.

Is this what Bill O’Reilly was screaming about all those times?


So you’re thecannabist.co — why not .com?

.coms are so passé. :) And that one was already taken. The cool kids find us elsewhere — thecannabi.st — and we’re O.K. with that.

So what now?

Watch the video above (with music by by C. Scott, CC By 3.0). Check out our map of recreational pot shops and dispensaries. Bookmark us. Read some stories. Tell a friend. Follow us on social media (see below). And let us know what you think.