Head Bud Tender Kurt Britz displays a Sour Diesel strain of marijuana at 3-D Denver Discreet Dispensary.

Colorado marijuana FAQ: The do’s and don’ts of new recreational pot law

Colorado’s recreational marijuana law has left some with questions about what they can and can’t do when the first retail shops open on Jan. 1.

What you can do if you are over 21:

• Use marijuana

• Possess up to an ounce of marijuana

• Grow up to six plants in your home

• Buy up to an ounce of marijuana at a licensed pot shop, provided you have a Colorado I.D. Out-of-staters can buy up to a quarter ounce.

• Share up to an ounce of marijuana with a friend, as long as you’re not getting paid

What you can do if you are under 21:

• Unless you’re a medical-marijuana patient, nothing. All marijuana possession and use remain illegal for you

What you can’t do:

• Use marijuana in public or anywhere else it is banned — like a school or on federal land.

• Drive stoned

• Give marijuana to people under 21

• Take marijuana across state lines

Where can you do it:

• Private property, with the owner’s permission. But not at a marijuana store or anywhere the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act applies

• If you’re growing marijuana, only in an “enclosed, locked space”

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