A marijuana grower tells all: This is how beneficial bugs can work as pest control

In Legal Cannabis History 101 classes, 2015 will always be remembered as the year legal marijuana recognized its pesky pesticide problem. For decades illegal cannabis growers used whatever pesticides worked to save their plants from insects, molds and anything else threatening their crops. That illicit practice carried over to the…


Can I see your license? California weed faces regulatory upheaval

California blazed a trail to legalize medical marijuana 20 years ago. But the Golden State is only now confronting the full complexity of regulating consumer safety and business practices in an industry that’s ballooned to an estimated $2.7 billion annually.

Plants are tended at the Colorado cultivation facility for River Rock Cannabis

Colorado lawmakers reject organic labeling for marijuana

A Colorado proposal to certify organic marijuana has been rejected amid concerns the labels would imply pot is healthy. The bill rejected in a legislative committee Tuesday would have created a first-of-its-kind label for marijuana that had been produced without pesticides.

facebook founder mark zuckerberg

Hey, Mark Zuckerberg: Marijuana businesses deserve social media too

Dear Mark Zuckerberg, In my eight years on Facebook, I have been delighted by the ways that you have changed the world. In your inspiring F8 speech last week, you declared: “Whether you want to hang out with a few friends or start a business or solve the world’s problems,…

Ep. 50: She consults for industry; He talks weed on the radio

Featured guests: Endocannabinoidology founder Christie Lunsford and Larry Ulibarri, host of the KS-107.5 Morning Show and Larry Uncensored Podcast. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT • What does a longtime member of Colorado’s cannabis industry think of the changes that legalization has forced over the past few years? • Has legal cannabis become…

Juicy Fruit (marijuana review)

Juicy Fruit (marijuana review)

Marijuana review: Juicy Fruit is a fruity hybrid whose smell and taste reflect its name, and whose quality reflects the current market drought in Colorado.