It's the circle of life, man. Catch Denver native Gareth Saxe as Scar at "The Lion King," in town through Nov. 29. (Provided by Joan Marcus)

Highlights: Strange and wonderful Colorado happenings Nov. 21-26

It feels like there’s been quite a bit of bad bud-related news lately — we’re talking about you, pot product recalls — and so it feels like some fun is in order, and soon. Get your holiday shopping done, go full-on “no worries” or let some whales remind you that at least you don’t have to travel 10,000 miles to get a date.

ReUp! Eco-fashion Market (Nov. 21)

Stoned holiday shopping is a thing, and it’s way more fun and interesting at a place like ReUp! than a shopping mall, right? Fashion Denver is hosting this market for local vendors who create cool stuff using sustainable materials – think new and vintage clothing, jewelry and skiwear. Held at Green Spaces, the event will also feature fashion shows at 1, 3 and 5 p.m. Will “Project Runway” runner-up Mondo Guerra be there? Hard to say, but his clothes will. Best of all, it’s free to get in. But bring lots of cash, just in case. Click here for details

Disney’s “The Lion King” (through Nov. 29)

When I saw first saw Disney’s lavishly costumed and ingeniously staged “The Lion King,” I was with my kids, and I definitely was not stoned. But through the whole thing, I kept thinking, “This would be even more trippy if I were stoned.” Now is your chance not only to embrace hakuna matata – which really should be a strain name — and watch Denver native Gareth Saxe embody pure evil in the role of Scar — but also to groove out to the soundtrack from Elton John and Tim Rice. It’s the circle of life, man. Tickets start at $30. Click here for details

“Humpback Whales 3D” at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (through Jan. 28)

If the viral videos of people accidentally swimming with a humpback whale as they stand-up paddleboard or sea kayak don’t inspire you to see this mesmerizing film, then consider this: these creatures are amazing, and they will freak you out. Shot in Alaska, Hawaii and the Kingdom of Tonga, the footage is ridiculously gorgeous, and listening to the whales communicate through their eerie songs and watching them play hits you right in the feels. Narrator Ewan McGregor is pretty delightful to listen to, as well. Good luck not spending the rest of the day pondering why they travel 10,000 miles a year to mate and have kids. Tickets start at $9.95 for non-members. Click here for details