In Telluride, “Prohibition Ends At Last”

They aren’t hiding it up here any more. Lucas DaSilva of Georgia drove through the night and slept in his car with his dog Marley before settling at the front door of the Telluride Green Room around dawn Wednesday.

Marijuana in Colorado has a long history and an uncertain future

Federal marijuana prohibition in the United States started with a knock on a Denver man’s apartment door. Seventy-six years ago, a guy named Samuel Caldwell became the first person arrested and prosecuted under a federal charge of selling marijuana, after drug-enforcement agents busted him with three pounds of cannabis in his apartment at 17th and Lawrence streets.

Jeffco panel to make recommendations on pot sales

“Follow the leader” is one way to describe how Jefferson County and some municipalities in the county are handling the state’s legalization of recreational marijuana.

Mitch Woolhiser, of Northern Lights Natural Rx

Video: Cannabis 101 Q&A

Mitch Woolhiser, of Northern Lights Natural Rx in Englewood, Colo., answers questions about recreational cannabis use in this video series.

Colorado marijuana shops planning to open on New Year’s Day

A definitive list of Colorado shops open for recreational marijuana sales on New Year’s Day is difficult to nail down — some shops are still waiting for licensing, or other items, and may not decide until the last minute.

The Polar Plunge at Boulder Reservoir. Photo by Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post

A stoney NYE in Colorado

If there was a bigger year than 2013 in the history of cannabis, people are getting too high now to remember it. The passage of Amendment 64 in November thrust Colorado into the national spotlight as one of the most progressive states in the union when it comes to smoking…


Triple Diesel (marijuana review, Strain Theory)

If Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel and Strawberry Diesel had a ménage a trois, Triple Diesel would be their lovechild. Triple D is a sativa that in small doses can produce a focused and attentive high for both the medical patient and recreational user.

Jane West of Edible Events holds the chicken parm lollipops prepared by Three Tomatoes Catering at the Space Gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District. Photo By Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Post

Cannabis-themed dinners: “I can taste every ingredient” indeed

“My little focus groups in Cherry Hills are having a great time,” says Edible Events organizer Jane West. “THC intensifies sensation. It makes you clearer and crisper on certain things. One friend said, ‘I keep vibrating,’ while another obsessed on the food: ‘I can taste every ingredient.’”

Marijuana plant

Welcome to The Cannabist (video)

It’s certainly nice to meet you. Me? I’m The Cannabist. Let’s hang out and get to know each other.

Legalization of marijuana "could make coaches worry" about athletes

Colorado’s new marijuana laws could create more headaches for high school coaches and more temptations for athletes. When recreational marijuana use becomes legal Wednesday, it’s easy to see that high school athletes will be exposed to cannabis more than ever.

Lush, immersive games like this year's BioShock Infinite are great on their own -- and usually better with weed. (2K Games)

High Scores: Video games and weed. An inside look at this match made in heaven

We are living in a golden age of video games and weed. Need proof? Games are more popular, awesome and accessible than they’ve ever been, thanks to ever-improving technology, the rise of indie gaming and the tablet/smartphone revolution. And weed? Well, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

Pitfalls abound as legal pot sales begin

Colorado and Washington state are launching the world’s first legal recreational marijuana markets in 2014. Though pot has been sold for three decades at coffee shops in the Netherlands, the two states are the first to regulate and allow a full industry.