Yes, flying with marijuana is still illegal. Pot of all kinds (medical included) isn't even allowed at DIA. (Photo by Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post)

Cannabist Q&A: Flying with pot, edible strengths and weed newbies

Welcome to our new Ask The Cannabist column. Clearly you have questions about marijuana, be it a legal concern, a health curiosity, a Colorado-centric inquiry or something more far-reaching. Check out our expansive, 64-question Colorado marijuana FAQ first, and if you’re still curious, email your question to Ask The Cannabist at

Hey, Cannabist!
Is it ever legal to fly with marijuana, be it to another state or within Colorado — or to Washington state, where recreational weed is also legal?
–Mile High Mike

Hey, Mile High Mike!
No, it is never legal to fly with marijuana. That being said, people carry cannabis on airplanes all the time. In airport security screening, Transportation Security Administration agents do not search for marijuana. A TSA agent may find marijuana and turn it over to local authorities. If you are flying between Colorado and Washington, the local authorities might not care about your personal stash. (Note: It is not allowed in DIA — not even medical marijuana, something our editorial board disagrees with.) Once you arrive: Depending on other states’ medical marijuana state laws (and if you have a license), a few other medical states — including Arizona, Connecticut and Michigan — will recognize a patient’s right to possess marijuana. XO

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Hey, Cannabist!
Will we be able to buy the same strength edibles recreationally as we can medically?
–Alice B. Toklas

Hey, Alice!
According to Colorado state regulation, marijuana-infused products (also known as edibles) will have different strengths of allowable THC content. The potency for infused products for the recreational market is limited to 100 milligrams. The potency for a medical marijuana infused product is capped at 250 milligrams.

Hey, Cannabist!
I’m relatively new to marijuana. How much would you recommend I start with?
–Vaporizing Virgin

Hey, Virgin!
There are a couple questions to ask yourself first. Do you want to smoke the cannabis or ingest it another way? How do you feel about the smoking part? If you are OK with smoking, start with pre-rolled joints or pack a pipe with loose flowers or buds. Light it up and inhale. If you prefer to not smoke or want to experience a different high, or euphoria, eating a pot brownie or infused food is a traditional option. Start in small, 5-milligram increments and eat over several hours. Seriously, don’t eat too much at one time. Vaporizing from a portable stick pen vaporizer is another option. Most vape pens are designed for vaporizing hash oil concentrates. Vaping cannabis can feel ethereal — very different from smoking. But again, even though smoking pot hits you more quickly than eating pot, start slowly with one or two hits before inhaling more. XO