Passengers move through security screening inside Denver International Airport's main terminal in July 2009. (Karl Gehring, The Denver Post)

Editorial: Allow medical marijuana at DIA

While we approve of the rule to ban recreational marijuana from Denver International Airport, the airport should make an exception for card-carrying medical marijuana patients.

The proposed rule would ban possession of all marijuana on DIA property. Offenders could face up to $150 citations for first-time offenses. A public hearing on the matter is set for next Wednesday.

Airport spokeswoman Stacey Stegman said the goal is “voluntary compliance” and not to issue citations or oust people.

It is against federal law to transport pot across state lines or in airplanes. And the airport is seen as a “quasi-federal” facility.

We understand banning recreational pot in the terminal area (pre-security) but are concerned people carrying weed as medicine could be punished unnecessarily. DIA says that won’t likely happen.

Up to this point, possession of medical marijuana has been legal in the terminal. Why should that change now? All other medication is permitted and even OK to take on planes.

Since the state and city sanction pot as medicine, it too should be OK at DIA.