Pot comedy takes root in Colorado: 4/20-friendly shows and a “Tokeasy” release party

The list of classic stoner comedies is pretty short, including Cheech & Chong’s “Up in Smoke,” Ice Cube’s “Friday,” “The Big Lebowski,” “Pineapple Express” and Anna Faris’ criminally underrated “Smiley Face.”

And while we’re pretty sure the direct-to-DVD “Tokeasy” won’t ever be among them, the Colorado written-and-produced film is still a timely look at the culture of cannabis — and the comic business that ensues when trying to navigate its murky waters.

The flick from RMO Films follows stoner Bud Parker (Joshua Ray) and his co-workers (Chaz Grundy and Scott Jones) as they attempt to turn a recently-deceased medical marijuana patient’s grow room into a weed speakeasy in the fictional Colorado town of Garden Springs. Along the way they encounter a ghost, a racist police dog and a fake doctor, which no doubt most of us have also dealt with while stoned.

Directors Sean Williams and Wally Wallace will celebrate “Tokeasy’s” release with a screening at the Oriental Theater on Saturday, Jan. 11, featuring live stand-up from Denver’s Jordan Doll and music from DJ Deep Rawk. Tickets are available now.

In addition to the weed-oriented Sexpot Comedy shows at the Oriental (the next one is Jan. 31 with Kate Berlant and Beth Stelling), there’s a growing number of 4/20-friendly stand-up and variety shows around the metro area. (We’re guessing the Jan. 17 Doug Stanhope show at the Oriental will also be a hazy, sticky-sweet affair).

Sketchy Entertainment co-producers Cameron V. Humanity and Chris Carlton are touting their new open-mic night as “the world’s first and only 4/20-friendly open mic,” meaning pot use at the show is A-OK with them. The event takes place the last Friday of each month at the iBake Lounge (a.k.a. 24 Hour Pipe and Tobacco Shop), 6125 Washington St. Interested? Check out the details and sign-up info.

The Sketchy dudes are also promoting their Jan. 16 show with headliner Mitch Jones as the “4/20 Comedy Hour,” with Derrick Culver, Hunter Michael Carney and more. We’re thinking it will be a bit less hazy, however, since it’s an all-ages affair and takes place at Denver Open Media (700 Kalamath St.)

There are a number of 4/20 comedy shows slated for February, including the iBake Lounge’s “Dopest Show on Earth” Feb. 21-22, featuring “The 4/20 Comic” Jeffrey Peterson, and the Feb. 28 “Tits and Giggles” comedy/burlesque show at Herman’s Hideaway featuring Rain Pryor, daughter of legendary comedian Richard Pryor.

Add to that the weed-themed “Pot Roast” that comic Chuck Roy recently put on at Comedy Works and you’ve got a bumper crop of Colorado pot comedy. Check back here soon for more.