Ry Prichard

Ry Prichard

Ry Prichard has been a cannabis reviewer and photographer for the better part of 5 years. Dubbed "the biggest weed nerd in town" by Rolling Stone magazine, he spends his days in grow rooms and dispensaries throughout the state surrounded by the plant he loves,

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Moby Dick (marijuana review)

I’ve always appreciated Moby Dick’s balanced Hazy crispness, which isn’t my normal flavor profile of choice but nonetheless strikes my nostalgic fancy from time to time, bringing to mind a lot of the Haze-dominant strains I tried during my trips to Amsterdam.

Poochie Love (marijuana review)

The potency and overall quality of the physical effects in Poochie Love more than made up for the somewhat lackluster flavor. I’d peg the Poochie Love as a solid daytime choice for the majority of users, as it didn’t come with any undertones of anxiety or other uncomfortable feelings.

Larry OG review (Cannabis Cup edition)

Strain Theory: The 1st Place Medical Indica from this year’s Cannabis Cup smells great but wasn’t very enjoyable to smoke. The nug was pretty gorgeous and seemed well-grown; there was a generous coating of well-preserved trichomes all over the minty green surface.

Pure Power Plant review (Cannabis Cup edition)

While there’s definitely a positive impression from Pure Power Plant, sometimes there are questions about the bona fides. But from a quality standpoint, the lost art of curing so far seems to have been rediscovered in this year’s Cup winners, and this sample was no exception.