Ry Prichard

Ry Prichard

Ry Prichard has been a cannabis reviewer and photographer for the better part of 5 years. Dubbed "the biggest weed nerd in town" by Rolling Stone magazine, he spends his days in grow rooms and dispensaries throughout the state surrounded by the plant he loves,

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How co-hosting Viceland’s ‘Bong Appetit’ altered (and expanded) this weed nerd’s mind

Before this turns into a pampered-weed-guy-complains-about-actually-working article, I have to take a step back and explain how this TV show insanity even came about in the first place.

SneakGuard keeps cannabis away from kids (or maybe your roommate)

A marijuana storage option: The lockable, portable, vacuum-sealing Sneakguard keeps flower, edibles and concentrates out of reach.

Op-ed: Limiting the THC in marijuana products is not a reasonable solution

As two Colorado proposals seek to limit THC levels in marijuana and pot products, concentrates expert Ry Prichard opines on how they could hurt patients and industry.

Dabbing essentials: the best dab rigs and gear

Dabbing rigs, torches, dabbers, nails, carb caps: Here’s a handy guide for everything you need to make quality dabbing wax.

Concentrates 101: Why vape or dab? Potency, flavor & other factors

The way cannabis concentrates can be quickly consumed is a double-edged sword. But they offer other benefits, including intense flavor and the ability to be discreet.

Marijuana concentrates 101: Shatter/BHO, rosin, kief and more

Learn about the different types of marijuana concentrates in the marketplace and how they’re made: kief, water hash, CO2 oil, butane hash oil and rosin.

Cannabis concentrates 101: How to consume them — dabbing, vaping and more

There are many ways to consume marijuana concentrates, from vaping to dabbing, and it can be a pricey and overwhelming endeavor. Learn about the options.

OG Kush (marijuana review)

Doubts arise that this strain is actually OG Kush, but our weed critic soldiers on anyway and has a “surprisingly enjoyable” experience — at a bargain price.

A close encounter with the Trailer Park Boys in Denver

When I got offered the chance to attend the first show on the Trailer Park Boys’ new tour, I practically jumped at the chance. Then the deal got sweetened further with a private dispensary-organized cannabis tasting — and my head figuratively exploded.

Moby Dick (marijuana review)

I’ve always appreciated Moby Dick’s balanced Hazy crispness, which isn’t my normal flavor profile of choice but nonetheless strikes my nostalgic fancy from time to time, bringing to mind a lot of the Haze-dominant strains I tried during my trips to Amsterdam.

Five questions: Why your marijuana isn’t always what budtenders say it is

You head to a neighborhood pot shop with something specific in mind: Blue Dream. You pick up an eighth, but the buds look different, and the smoke and effects on your body are different too. Why doesn’t this Blue Dream look and behave like previous Blue Dreams? Because it’s not Blue Dream.

Poochie Love (marijuana review)

The potency and overall quality of the physical effects in Poochie Love more than made up for the somewhat lackluster flavor. I’d peg the Poochie Love as a solid daytime choice for the majority of users, as it didn’t come with any undertones of anxiety or other uncomfortable feelings.

Larry OG review (Cannabis Cup edition)

Strain Theory: The 1st Place Medical Indica from this year’s Cannabis Cup smells great but wasn’t very enjoyable to smoke. The nug was pretty gorgeous and seemed well-grown; there was a generous coating of well-preserved trichomes all over the minty green surface.

Pure Power Plant review (Cannabis Cup edition)

While there’s definitely a positive impression from Pure Power Plant, sometimes there are questions about the bona fides. But from a quality standpoint, the lost art of curing so far seems to have been rediscovered in this year’s Cup winners, and this sample was no exception.

Ghost Train Haze review (Cannabis Cup edition)

If you like a sweet Haze with world-class potency that enhances just about any activity (who doesn’t?), you’d be well-served to check out Ghost Train Haze grown by Denver-based medical dispensary Green Man Cannabis.