SneakGuard is a lockable, portable storage container. The interior can be divided into separate compartments, and the divider has slots for humidity control packs. (Ry Prichard photos, The Cannabist)

SneakGuard keeps cannabis away from kids (or maybe your roommate)

One of the most talked-about elements of the new world of legalized weed is the effect on children, specifically the chance of them accidentally (or intentionally) consuming cannabis, especially the potent and unpredictable edibles.

A recent study and anecdotal stories of children getting taken to the emergency room with symptoms from an unknown condition are enough to scare any parent, even those who responsibly store their medicine and cannabis products out of easy reach. While many argue that the threat of children ingesting edibles and other cannabis products may be slightly overblown compared to other things such as pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol, the threat is definitely still there and should be mitigated as much as possible.

Enter SneakGuard, a new product designed for keeping cannabis products (or pharmaceuticals) locked away and secure from tiny prying hands. The unit looks more or less like a safe, with a brushed metal exterior and a plastic top displaying a prominent combination lock-style dial. It has the ability to vacuum seal via a large pump-like button on the top, is refrigerator-safe, and gives the user the ability to set and change their own combination. So even if you don’t have kids, this may be a good way to keep your handsy roommate from helping himself to your dabs.

Taking the unit out of the package, I was surprised at how large it was. It could probably hold almost a pound of raw flower, or 10-15 edibles (depending on package size), or 30 grams of concentrate in jars (again, depending on package size). The SneakGuard sits 6.5 inches tall with a diameter of 6 inches and has a capacity of 1.5L. The interior has plastic dividers that can be removed and reorganized and also has sleeves where humidity control packs can be inserted in order to help the SneakGuard serve as a long-term storage curing jar for flowers and other products that need humidity control.

I made the mistake of unboxing this with my 3 year-old daughter nearby and she immediately became enthralled with the device, asking me what it does and seconds later, how to open it. I put it on the floor and let her have at it for a good 5 minutes — she grunted and struggled, spinning the combo lock numbers around and sitting on the lid, assuming the giant vacuum pump button was the secret hatch. Ultimately, she declared “this is too hard, can you help me?” and pushed it towards me.

Satisfied that the SneakGuard was in fact childproof, my main thought was that due in part to the intriguing time-capsule-meets-obelisk appearance of the unit, kids may try to open this thing if they come upon it. I found myself thinking back to the episode of “The Simpsons” where Bart spends the night at the Wiggum house and discovers police Chief Wiggum’s closet full of riot gear and other awesomeness — “What is the fascination with my forbidden closet of mystery?” asks Chief Wiggum incredulously.

But what the SneakGuard may lack in aesthetic discreetness, it makes up for in functionality. Just put in the lock combination, turn the lower ring beneath the vacuum button, and the SneakGuard opens with a satisfying “tschhhhhhhhhh” noise, like you’d expect when opening the glovebox on a spaceship. The vacuum-sealing capability is likely an underrated aspect of the SneakGuard, especially where long-term flower storage is concerned because air is absolutely the enemy of freshness and quality, and removing it will improve the shelf life of just about everything. While I haven’t had the chance to test out the unit for long-term flower curing use, I have seen similar containers that work very well and I have no reason to believe this would be any different.

The different configurable chambers are only so useful because most people want to keep their different flower strains separate to avoid the intermingling of aroma and flavor, but some less-picky users will be fine with it. The sleeves to allow for the use of humidity packets is a very smart idea, though personally I haven’t had much luck with finding a humidity packet that doesn’t affect the aroma and flavor of the flower after a while. I thought about how I would use this and came to the conclusion that it would be most useful in a dual-purpose role of keeping my live resin cool, sealed, and free from degradation in the fridge and also away from my daughter’s grabby hands, should that ever happen.

One of the more well-designed cannabis storage products I’ve seen, the SneakGuard can serve multiple purposes including working as a curing jar for flowers. But the most important function in my view as a parent is serving as a child-proof, locked unit, which is one of the state of Colorado’s primary recommendations for storing cannabis with children in the home. As we’ve explored in our Pot and Parenting section and in the documentary “Rolling Papers,” even though cannabis is legal in Colorado, there are still a host of potential legal complications for parents who are also cannabis consumers when it comes to using and storing cannabis in their home, and this is a most welcome option.

This unit will certainly keep medicine away from children and pets but would also keep out most fully-grown adults who aren’t armed with a hammer. It’s not a full-on safe, but with an MSRP of $120, the ability to be refrigerated, and the vacuum functionality, the SneakGuard may be more useful for cannabis users than a safe can ever be.

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