Martha McPherson, left, has Peter Volz sign a petition for a ballot initiative at the Boulder Farmers' Market in July 2016. Amendment 71 lifted the threshold for passage of constitutional amendments to 55 percent from a simple majority, and measures will now need signatures from 2 percent of registered voters in all 35 state senate districts to get onto the ballot.

Supporters turn in draft petition to legalize recreational marijuana in another Midwest state

BISMARCK, N.D. — Supporters of legalizing recreational marijuana in North Dakota are once again hoping to bring the matter to voters.

Secretary of State Al Jaeger says he received a draft petition on Tuesday and is reviewing it. If it’s approved, supporters would need to gather and submit at least 13,452 valid signatures to get a proposed measure on the ballot.

Petition sponsor Dave Owen of Grand Forks says the petition seeks to make it legal to grow, possess, use and distribute marijuana for people 21 and older. It also seeks to seal the records of anyone convicted of a marijuana-related crime that would be made legal under the measure.

Supporters of legalizing recreational marijuana fell short on petition signatures in 2016, but voters approved a ballot measure legalizing medical marijuana in November 2016.