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Complete Colorado election results for 2017 cannabis issues

A Colorado city known for its cantaloupes will soon be known for its recreational cannabis.

Three cities in southern Colorado — Alamosa, Monte Vista and Rocky Ford, all located south of Pueblo — voted Tuesday on whether to allow sales of medical marijuana, recreational marijuana or both; they also had separate, corresponding tax measures for collecting revenue on prospective cannabis sales.

While the proposed pot-tax measures in the three cities all passed easily, only one approved retail sales: Rocky Ford, famous regionally for its melons.

Elsewhere in Colorado, voters had a handful of local marijuana tax measures to consider on their ballots, including the town of Foxfield, where marijuana sales are currently banned. In 13 out of 14 cities, the tax measures passed — Foxfield’s did not.

Additionally, Fort Collins voters authorized the City Council to amend the City Code with regard to medical marijuana ordinances without requiring voter approval of each amendment, according to the Colorado Municipal League, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization.

State marijuana laws allow municipalities to “opt in” or ban marijuana sales and set local taxes. CML data on local ordinances shows that as of April 2017 about 90 percent of municipalities had taken action to address retail marijuana sales; 69 municipalities had regulations in place to allow sales and 168 had bans or moratoriums.

Here’s a look at the unofficial results in the cities that considered allowing sales and/or instituting local marijuana taxes. Information on the proposed tax rates is provided by Kevin Bommer, CML deputy director. (Voter totals are in parentheses):


Ballot Question 300: Allow medical marijuana stores

Yes: 41% (868)
No: 59% (1,275)

Ballot Question 301: Allow retail marijuana stores

Yes: 37% (794)
No: 63% (1,342)

Issue 2A: 5% sales tax on retail marijuana sales

Yes: 61% (1,313)
No: 39% (823)

Results via Alamosa News


Issue 2A: 7% sales and excise, earmarked for youth activities and services, streets, public safety, parks and rec

Yes: 69% (1,121)
No: 31% (506)

Results via the Reporter-Herald

Commerce City

Issue 2C: 5% excise tax to fund public safety

Yes: 53.09% (3,577)
No: 46.91% (3,160)

Results via Adams County


Issue 2A: 5% sales tax on medical

Yes: 62% (71)
No: 38% (43)

Results via Grand Junction Sentinel


Measure 2B: 5% sales tax on retail, repeal occupation tax

Yes: 67% (53)
No: 33% (26)

Results via Craig Daily Press

Eagle County

Issue 1A: 2.5% sales tax on retail, 2.5% excise, repeal occupation tax

Yes: 74% (8,151)
No: 26% (2,905)

Results via Vail Daily

Federal Heights

Issue 2L: 5% excise tax to fund regulation, drug education, prevention of youth consumption

Yes: 58% (580)
No: 42% (425)

Results via Adams County

Foxfield (sales currently banned)

5% sales tax on retail

Yes: 42% (152)
No: 58% (207)

Results via Town of Foxfield

Log Lane Village

Issue 2D: 3.5% excise tax increase (total of 5%)

Yes: 51.38% (56)
No: 48.62% (53)

Results via Morgan County


Issue 2I: 3% sales tax with portion earmarked for affordable housing

Yes: 63% (13,648)
No: 37% (7,965)

Results via Times-Call

Monte Vista

Issue 2B: Allow medical and retail marijuana sales

Yes: 35% (356)
No: 65% (653)

Issue 2A: 18% excise tax on med/retail, 1% earmarked for police, 1% for capital improvement

Yes: 56% (535)
No: 44% (428)

Results via Alamosa News

Rocky Ford

Question 2F: Allow recreational marijuana sales (medical marijuana sales currently allowed)

Yes: 53% (456)
No: 47% (404)

Issue 2E: 6% sales tax on retail marijuana sales

Yes: 71% (610)
No: 29% (250)

Results via Otero County


5% excise tax on marijuana sales for public safety

Yes: 61% (506)
No: 38% (322)

Results via City of Sheridan


Issue 2A: 5% excise tax to fund wild waters pool, parks, code enforcement, and youth activities

Yes: 55% (507)
No: 45% (419)

Results via Huerfano County