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This Colorado town’s voters just approved a tax on weed, but sales are still illegal

Berthoud voters approved a 7 percent sales tax the town would collect on recreational marijuana transactions if retail pot businesses are allowed to begin operating within the town in the future.

As of 7:28 p.m., the tally of “yes” votes on the tax was 1,017, accounting for about 69 percent of the votes cast, while the number of “no” votes was 452, carrying just over 31 percent.

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Though the municipal sales tax was approved, recreational pot businesses are still prohibited in Berthoud, and only medical marijuana dispensaries are currently legal.

Even with the “yes” vote on the tax, the Berthoud Town Board has still not allowed recreational pot stores within the town but could do so either with a vote among board members, or by asking residents whether they want recreational pot on a ballot in another election cycle.

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