10 best Halloween costumes for stoners

Halloween is high on every stoner’s list of fave holidays — after 4-20 and just ahead of 4th of July (fireworks!). And really, what’s not to love about a day dedicated to candy and dressing like a fool?

This Halloween, one-up your friends and show up to the party decked out in one of these weed-centric costumes that aren’t at all tacky or over-the-top:

Workaholics Official Bear Jacket, available at www.hottopic.com.

1. Blake Henderson from Workaholics

With the exception of this curly long-hair wig, this is a DIY effort. But if you want to take your Blake Henderson game to the next level, pop into Hot Topic and pick up the official Workaholics Bear Jacket. Because we know you’ve been looking for an excuse to shop at Hot Topic.

2. Giant Pot Leaf

Keep it simple with this international symbol of cannabis. Of course, you also run the risk that you won’t be the only leaf at the party, which could prompt a smoke-off — which, actually, doesn’t sound all that bad.

Cannaboss marijuana Suit Amazon
Cannaboss Suit available at www.amazon.com. Man bun not included.

3. Cannaboss


Upgrade your formal wardrobe with this 100 percent polyester weed-leaf suit that’s so much more than a Halloween costume. So long as you don’t spill bong water on it, you’re clear to make a fashion statement by wearing this suit to weddings, fancy restaurants, and — of course — the office.

4. Abbi and/or Ilana from Broad City


Here’s another chance to be have a cool stoner costume that doubles as a trendy outfit for the rest of the fall. That is, unless you go the distance in Ilana’s goth football ensemble (white football jersey + black bike shorts). Yas Kween! A more comfortable option would be to go as season-one Abbi with this “Cleaner” t-shirt and some yoga pants.

Bluntman and Chronic
Rock the party as Bluntman and Chronic.

5. Bluntman and Chronic


The legacy of Kevin Smith’s affable characters from Chasing Amy and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back will live on forever in Stonerdom. This isn’t a total DIY project — you can pick up the Bluntman t-shirt and baseball hat on Amazon. Add your Jay and Silent Bob wigs, and your good to go,¬†snoochie boochies!

6. Spliff


Make good use of that Amazon Prime membership and order this spliff costume from the internet retailer. Just don’t try to spark it up, because as one reviewer put it, “…tasted like burning clothes and cheap child labor.”

Bag of Weed Costume
Big Ol’ Bag of Weed costume available at www.halloween-mall.com.

7. Big Ol’ Bag of Weed


Bonus: Where it’s legal, you can stuff this costume with real weed and make a lot of friends.

8. The Cops from Super Troopers


Start growing your mustache now and be prepared for shenanigans. This costume is both a throwback and ahead of the curve, because the sequel to the 2001 hit film hits theaters 4/20 2018. Meow!

Totally Baked Potato Costume
Totally Baked Potato available at www.trendyhalloween.com.

9. Totally “Baked” Potato


Bacon bits not included.

10. Cheech and Chong


This costume is for the boomers. Just be prepared for a Millennial to mistake you for the Super Mario Brothers.

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