Now babies can dress as a marijuana leaf for Halloween. (

So this exists: A pot leaf Halloween costume for babies ages 0-6 months

So this is now a thing: A Halloween costume that dresses babies as a marijuana leaf. Yes, seriously.


“This Halloween dress up your baby in our most outrageous costume yet!” reads the costume’s description on BrandsOnSale’s website. “The baby marijuana plant costume is just the right combo of cute and edgy that is sure to get stares and laughs from everyone.”

The company’s owner admits they push the envelope with their costumes.

“We kind of know people are not going to be 100 percent thrilled with it, but it’s Halloween,” BrandsOnSale owner Johnathon Weeks told Los Angeles CBS affiliate KCAL. “Halloween is one day out of the year you can dress up and be anything you’re not the other 364 days.”

Weeks called the baby pot leaf Halloween costume a favorite among consumers, but he admitted it’s not nearly as popular as the Ebola HazMat containment costume.

Watch KCAL’s report here.

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