Smart Colorado sponsored these billboards in Denver to caution parents about the potential of marijuana-infused candies in their kids' trick-or-treating hauls this Halloween. (Smart Colorado)

Billboard warns of Halloween candy: ‘Can you spot the pot?’

A couple new billboards in Denver are asking parents to double-check their kids’ Halloween candy this holiday, the first since legal recreational marijuana sales began in Colorado.

The billboard, sponsored by advocacy group Smart Colorado, features photos of prominent pot-infused edibles, from suckers to sour candies, and asks, “Can you spot the pot? Marijuana candy: Trick or treat?”

“Spotting the pot in your kids’ candy is difficult, Halloween or not. The real question is why is marijuana in kid’s candy in the first place?” Diane Carlson, co-founder of Smart Colorado, said in a release. “It’s our responsibility as a community to provide children, teens, parents, teachers, medical professionals, employers and neighbors with the information necessary to protect Colorado citizens and, most importantly, our kids.”

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Smart Colorado, which also offers a “Can You Spot the Pot” quiz on its website as well as a YouTube video encouraging stricter regulations on edibles (below), isn’t the only outfit warning parents this Halloween.

The Denver Police Department released an educational video last week reminding parents that “some marijuana edibles can be literally identical to their name-brand counterparts.” A meeting earlier this week discussed the future of infused edibles in Colorado, with some critics saying the pot candies and baked goods need to be uniquely marked from their non-infused but similar-looking counterparts.

“We have unfortunately asked Colorado children and teenagers to navigate an increasingly dangerous environment without providing the information, tools and support they need to adequately protect their health and futures,” Carlson said.