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Colorado town uses lottery to select two candidates to open marijuana stores

PALISADE, Colo. — Fourteen Potential Colorado marijuana business owners put their names in a lottery for the opportunity to open a retail marijuana store in Palisade.

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reports the bingo-style drawing was held Wednesday at the Palisade Civic Center to determine which of the prospective businesses would receive the go-ahead to move forward through the state’s regulatory process.

Two businesses, H&S LLC and THC 2, were chosen as first picks.

First priority picks now must seek approval from the state to open businesses. They then can apply for licenses with Palisade.

Businesses are subject to a $5,000 fee and must comply with requirements of a conditional use permit for operations. Palisade Town Administrator Rich Sales says those specific decisions will be made in upcoming public hearings.

Information from: The Daily Sentinel