(Seth McConnell, Denver Post file)

The seven habits of highly effective stoners

Thanks to the increasingly legal nature of cannabis, more and more celebrities are admitting their proclivity for smoking weed. This is a truly wonderful trend – because they are helping to debunk the stoner stereotypes.

Of course the stoner stigma still exists: Anyone can take a few bong rips and space out to Netflix, then finish off an entire pizza before falling asleep on the couch. Yet only a few people can get royally stoned and write a marketable screenplay like Seth Rogen. It all depends on a person’s daily habits — and God-given talents, of course.

Successful, highly effective people practice these seven habits (and others), and many of them just happen to smoke weed.

1. They are active

Highly effective pot smokers aren’t lounging around letting life pass them by. They’re outside being active, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, feeling good and improving their mind and body. Marijuana advocate and billionaire Richard Branson makes exercise a top priority. And he’s not the only one: people are seeing the benefits of smoking weed and working out.

2. They maintain a positive attitude

You won’t meet too many successful people who are negative thinkers. They all – whether by design or default – practice the Law of Attraction: they bring about positive experiences and results in their life by having positive thoughts. Longtime stoner Willie Nelson said, “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

3. They take action

Successful people do. Failures do nothing. Actor and screenwriter Seth Rogen smokes tons of weed when he writes scripts, because then it doesn’t seem like work, he’s said. Lady Gaga does the same when she writes music. Highly effective people make a habit of jumping on something they want to accomplish rather than wishing for it to happen for them. They know it’s up to them and only them.

4. They moderate

Maybe Snoop Dogg can smoke weed all day and get things done. Others curb their smoking habits, like actress Jennifer Aniston, who does it “once in a while,” and TV personality Bill Maher, who smokes only a few times a week. Moderation is key. Highly successful people are generally too involved with a project to be stoned all the time. But that is certainly not always the case.

5. They know how and when to turn off

Successful people are hard workers, but they make time to relax, too. Justin Timberlake says weed helps him to stop thinking so much. There are many other benefits to smoking weed, including better sleep and more patience.

6. They set (and fulfill) goals

None of the aforementioned people just happened to get successful. They planned it. They had a goal in mind and made it happen. You can’t hit a target you can’t see.

7. They work hard to pursue what they love

Success people, regardless of whether they smoke weed or not, generally gravitate toward the things they do best. They do what they love and let nothing – not even a love of the ganja – stand in their way of doing that thing. As the saying goes, you don’t usually excel at something you don’t enjoy.