Marijuana life hack No. 3: Rolling a joint or blunt on the go? A Frisbee makes a damn fine rolling tray. (Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist)

Marijuana life hacks: 10 tips to save any stoner’s day

Some people have the resourcefulness of a Boy Scout when it comes to smoking weed.

They won’t let anything stand in their way of catching a buzz and then covering it up.

There are always an infinite number of tricks, shortcuts and methods to help you get what you want – and that certainly applies to the marijuana-friendly aspects of life.

What follows are 10 life hacks that can be administered to save any stoner’s day.

1. Bathroom spray works in a smelly situation

If you reek like weed smoke and find yourself in a pinch, go straight for the bathroom. You’re likely to find some kind of spray in there you can apply to your clothes. You’ll smell funny, I promise you that, but at least you won’t smell like weed.

2. Use honey to seal and slow-burn a blunt

Just a few dabs of honey will not only act as a holding glue for a blunt, it will also have it burning a bit more slowly.

3. Use a Frisbee when rolling

Any flying disc or Frisbee with a concave edge is very helpful when rolling blunts and joints: the cupped outline keeps loose weed from falling onto the floor.

4. Hot-box with a steaming shower

If you get a shower hot enough, it will produce sufficient steam to cover up small amounts of weed smoke from a bowl or a bong. (But probably not continuous smoke from a blunt or joint.) Be sure to start smoking when the room is quite thick with steam, and after you’ve put a towel under the door so air doesn’t escape.

5. Use matches to cover up enclosed, weed-reeking spaces

If absolutely necessary, matches can be utilized as makeshift incense. Though you may need to light quite a few matches to rid the room of the weed smell.

6. Black & Mild cigars make decent bowls

Using a wood-tipped Black & Mild, you can cut or smoke it down to the bottom, leaving just a little bit of the tobacco-filled cigar, enough to hold a few finger-tips of weed. It’s not an ideal way to smoke weed, but it works if there aren’t any other options available.

7. Make a spoof with dryer sheets and a plastic bottle

I learned this one in college. To cover up hits of weed smoke, we blew the smoke directly into a spoof – a device made by stuffing numerous dryer sheets through the mouthpiece of an empty plastic bottle (some people use toilet paper rolls). Be sure to make sufficient holes at the other end of the bottle through which the filtered smoke can exit.

8. Ride with the windows down to air out your clothes

This is for non-driving stoned people who wish to air out their clothes after smoking weed. It seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the number of weed smokers who don’t do this.

9. Apple bowls are cheap and easy to make

Apple bowls really do work, and they’re quite easy to make. You can buy an apple cheaply at any grocery store.

10. A plastic bottle goes a long way

Using any empty plastic bottle, you can make a gravity bong, a waterfall or a bowl. Some folks make aluminum-foil bowls, too. Not my favorite choice.