Denver street art tour: Westword photographer shows off her favorite urban murals

There are hundreds of murals splashed across Denver, and Lindsey Bartlett helps to put them in front of even more eyes.

Bartlett, who is the social media editor, pot writer and photographer for Westword, frequently highlights Denver’s street art scene via photos and words on

“These photos kind of become that artifact,” she says.

Bartlett joins Cannabist editor-in-chief Ricardo Baca on The Cannabist Show to chat about some of her favorite pieces she’s seen recently in Denver.

Among her top picks is a piece by Longmont street artist Gamma on the soon-to-be-razed Monkey Barrel building at 1611 Platte St. The artwork shows a woman lying down among a sea of trees, and it plays off several real trees in front of the wall.

“As vivid a portrait artist as Gamma is, the surrealism becomes even more intense when you’re driving around the corner, and you feel like you see that person lying there on that building,” she says.

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