DENVER CO - August 27, 2016: Professional stand-up comedian Josh Blue allowed The Denver Post to follow him through a rare Saturday at his home in Denver and an appearance headlining the High Plains Comedy Festival on Saturday, August 27, 2016. (Photo by Vince Chandler / The Denver Post)

Stand-up comedian Josh Blue’s creative process involves chainsaws, sawzalls and lots of weed

Denver stand-up Josh Blue is not just a comedian, but a visual artist as well.

The creative process for his art typically involves a big chunk of wood, some sawzalls, chainsaws and chisels.

“And I’m barefoot and stoned,” Blue says, laughing.

On The Cannabist Show with editor-in-chief Ricardo Baca, Blue says he dabbles in wood carvings and sculpting, producing African-style masks. Now, he’s working on a 6-foot-tall totem pole.

“I lived in Africa, I was born in Cameroon,” Blue says. “And when I was 15, I lived in Senegal. I was really influenced by the carvings they did over there. So I kind of brought it home and did an American version.”

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