"Comedians in Cars Smoking Cannabis." (Higher Ground)

Watch this savvy, pot-centric homage to Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians in Cars’

The premise of Jerry Seinfeld’s talk show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” is delightfully simple. Google’s straightforward synopsis of the show reads: “Jerry Seinfeld is joined by well-known comedians for a cup of coffee and a ride in a classic car.”

Seinfeld. Comedians. Coffee. Cars.

Seattle-based writer Michael A. Stusser put together a 420-friendly homage of Seinfeld’s show in honor of 4/20, and he’s calling it “Comedians in Cars Smoking Cannabis.”

And right away you know what you’re getting, right?

The titular car: A gorgeous, if barely functioning ’65 Volkswagen bus — “the hippie holy grail,” as it’s called in the video.

The titular comedian: One-time “Daily Show” correspondent Lauren Weedman, who Wikipedia says is best known for her regular role on HBO’s short-lived “Looking.”

Instead of Seinfeld we have Stusser, and instead of brisk, caffeinated conversation we have a focus on the questionably street-safe vehicle and a meandering conversation of people getting stoned together — possibly for the first time.

“I get a little nervous before I smoke,” said Weedman, whose name doesn’t go unnoticed by Stusser, “because I don’t know what’s about to … Tell me what’s going to happen: Will I have memories? Flashbacks? Will I be happy I’m divorced or sad I’m divorced?”

What this “Comedians in Cars” tribute lacks in effortless comedic repartee is made up for by its truly lush production value. Some of those shots are stunning, especially in the way they shout out to Seinfeld’s original, playful aesthetics.

After a few draws from a joint and perhaps some more from a nearby bong and a lingering vaporizer, Weedman ruminates: “Life is in flux.”

“OK, if I’m saying things like ‘life is in flux’ then I must be stoned.”