Jimmy Kimmel's most recent pop quiz was more of a pot quiz. (ABC)

Video: When Jimmy Kimmel tests stoners on current events … um, yikes

Yikes, this Jimmy Kimmel video is funny.

Kimmel sent one of his men to an L.A.-area medical marijuana shop to quiz customers on their way in. Each person was asked two questions — one on current events, another on cannabis culture.

So “Who’s the pope right now?” would be followed up with “What’s Pizza Hut’s new crust stuffed with?” “How many electoral votes does California get?” would be followed up with “How many grams in an ounce?” “Who’s the Speaker of the House?” would be followed up with “Who’s the star of ‘Big Momma’s House’?”

You get the picture.

Sure, the results were smartly edited — showing a youth that is more aware of ubiquitous television commercials than the world leaders shaping global policy. But it’s all good fun regardless.

Pols, take note: “The word is out that the pot industry has money to give”