What happens when Kevin Hart, Conan O'Brien and Ice Cube take a friend on a driving lesson/marijuana shopping excursion? (teamcoco.com)

Watch: Kevin Hart, Conan O’Brien and Ice Cube go weed shopping with a pal

Ahhhh, Conan O’Brien: Late-night host, comic writer, driving instructor and … weed merchant?

The above video, from O’Brien’s self-titled TBS talk show, starts out as an innocent driving lesson with one of the host’s staffers — but it ends up a stoned sesh in a Popeyes Chicken parking lot with a couple of Conan’s celeb pals.

Actors Kevin Hart and Ice Cube bring a different style of comedy to the car vid, which follows the group as they yell at other drivers, stop to buy a giant piƱata, torment bicycle cops and ultimately invade a marijuana dispensary — much to the surprise of the pot shop’s staff, ha.

And of course they hot box the car, strap a giant weed flag to their hood and crash a random Popeyes drive-thru before the day is over.