A marijuana plant flourishes under grow lights at a warehouse in Denver in October 2010. (Ed Andrieski, Associated Press file)

Hiring: Two very different ways you can work on weed legalization issues

Here at The Cannabist, we’ve let you know about some pretty great job openings.

We know some of the folks who were eventually hired to become product testers at a leading cannabis-infused edibles company. We’ve told you about the all-marijuana job fairs that are more suit-and-tie than tie-dye. We told you about our opening for a weed-and-sex columnist. (And we finally have some good news on that front — to be shared soon.)

We told you that rapper Waka Flocka Flame was hiring a blunt roller — a position that paid $50,000 a year — and we even took you inside his selection process. And we also shared with you a couple cannabis-specific, state-level positions in Oregon and Colorado — imagine one of these titles on your business card: deputy director of marijuana coordination at the state of Colorado or the director for the Marijuana Enforcement Division.

And here we are with some more hiring news, from two different organizations working tirelessly on weed legalization issues — one in favor, the other against.

The pro-legalization Drug Policy Alliance is hiring for a number of internships — but also a couple full-time positions, according to its job page. A couple of the full-time jobs are on the east coast, as the DPA is looking for a policy coordinator in New Jersey and a deputy state director in New York.

The anti-legalization Project Sam is also hiring, according to a recent tweet from Sam co-founder Kevin Sabet and a post on its website. “Because of generous contributions,” the post reads, “SAM is expanding again!” The organization is hiring a full-time communications and marketing director and a part-time special assistant, both based in Sam’s office in D.C. suburb Old Town Alexandria, Va.

Specific application information is available on the organizations’ websites.

While the groups are often at opposite ends of the legalization conversation, they are both among the most respected groups in their categories. The groups’ executive directors, the DPA’s Ethan Nadelmann and Sam’s Sabet, often speak at the same events and on the same programs, including the 2015 Biennial of the Americas in Denver.