This is how Dixie Elixirs describes its testing positions: Part Lewis & Clark, part Cheech & Chong. (Dixie Elixirs)

Apply within: Dixie Elixirs seeking pot product testers

Whenever representatives of Denver-rooted cannabis company Dixie Elixirs introduce themselves to the general public, a common response is, “Hey, if you ever need any product testers, lemme know!”

“We talked about it, and it kind of became a running joke in the office,” said Joe Hodas, chief marketing officer at Dixie. “And then we thought, ‘In many cases we do need testers.’ Market research in our industry isn’t the same as it is for other industries.

“Right now market research is the friends-and-family program. But then we thought: It’d be great to have some input from people we don’t know who can provide us with some valuable insight to the products we’re developing.”

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And now Dixie is accepting applications for product testers for the brand’s infused edibles via a clever, well-designed Facebook campaign. It starts with liking Dixie’s Facebook page and then submitting a 90-second YouTube on why you would be ideal for “the best new job title on earth.” (As the marijuana editor of The Denver Post and editor of this fine publication, I’ll have to disagree on that one.) The company will pick three to six testers who will “receive free Dixie products that we need feedback on.”

The company has already seen nearly 1,000 visits to the page — and about 100 new likes. Winners won’t be paid, but they will get free product, a T-shirt and “bragging rights,” said Hodas.

“We’ve had a tremendous amount of people commenting on it, sharing it, new Likes (on our Facebook), which is a requirement — but no videos yet,” said Hodas.

Videos are due April 11, and winners will be announced on April 18.

How’s that for a 4/20 present?