Comedian and actress Margaret Cho (Ethan Miller, Getty Images)

Amazon, Margaret Cho are developing ‘Highland,’ a sitcom about a weed shop

Amazon and Margaret Cho are getting into the weed business.

Rather, the commerce giant and the stand-up comic are developing a sitcom about the weed business — a show called “Highland,” about a dysfunctional family running a marijuana shop, according to a new report in Variety.

Cho will play a character coming out of a court-ordered rehabilitation facility who starts over by moving in with her character-filled family, who happen to run a cannabis dispensary. The show is being developed to run on Amazon Prime, the corporation’s Netflix-like streaming service that is already home to award-winning shows including “Transparent.”

Cho’s public support for marijuana legalization has stepped up in recent years. She told The Cannabist earlier this year that she’s an advocate for LGBT and homeless rights first, but access to cannabis both recreational and medical are also issues she passionately fights for.

“Medical and recreational marijuana and the end of prohibition is important in terms of helping people and getting safe access,” Cho said in a June interview with The Cannabist.

According to Variety, “Highland” would be co-produced by Tomorrow Studios and Amazon Studios and written by Liz Sarnoff, who worked on “Deadwood” and “Lost.”

Actor Adam Scott (“Parks & Recreation”) is in development with a somewhat similar show for NBC called “Buds,” which is supposed to be set amid the day-to-day happenings inside a legal marijuana shop in Denver. When the show was first announced in February 2015, its creators expected it to be a part of NBC’s 2015-2016 development cycle.