Adam Scott (Richard Shotwell, Invision/AP)

‘Parks & Rec’ star Adam Scott to make Denver-set pot sitcom ‘Buds’ for NBC

It’s official: Marijuana is going media mainstream, ie network television.

NBC might soon have a sitcom on its schedule set inside a Denver pot shop, according to multiple reports. And with the announcement of “Buds” — from creative team Adam Scott (from the network’s near-death “Parks & Recreation”) and Joe Mande (a comic, writer and Twitter phenom) — cannabis has broached a different aspect of mainstream media.

Yes, there are the docu-series and reality shows and documentaries that have tracked Colorado’s historic implementation of legal pot. But “Buds” sounds like a traditional network TV sitcom, and its premise — the day-to-day happenings inside a legal marijuana shop in Denver — certainly has potential.

Will they take the easy jokes, or will they push the art form into something more modern and hip? We’re hoping for the latter.

Even though the show will be set in Denver, we’re guessing it’s unlikely the production team will do any significant shooting in the Mile High.

“Buds” is a part of NBC’s 2015-16 development cycle, according to various outlets. Its executive producers are Adam and (his producer wife) Naomi Scott and Mande, and it’s the first sale since the Scotts’ production company Gettin’ Rad Productions signed a first-look deal with Universal TV in 2014.