Snoop Dogg (Seth McConnell, Denver Post file)

Exclusive: Snoop Dogg wishes Colorado a happy pot tax holiday

The word of today’s marijuana tax holiday in Colorado has spread far beyond the state’s borders. Even Snoop Dogg’s heard of the one-time pot tax holiday — and he recorded a video message for cannabis aficionados in Colorado.

“In honor of it being an incredible year for the movement, I would like to wish you a happy tax holiday,” Snoop says in the video, which the artist shared exclusively with The Cannabist. “I love seeing the positive impact of the cannabis business in your beautiful state.

“The job creation for so many people, crime dropping for safer neighborhoods and raising to date over $100 million dollars in tax revenues for the state and education. As we celebrate this special one-time holiday, let’s stay safe and be responsible.”

As The Associated Press recently reported: “Colorado’s unusual tax law is forcing the state to suspend taxes on recreational marijuana for one day. The sales-tax break on Sept. 16 will shave $20 off the price of a mid-grade ounce of pot in the Denver area, where ounces this summer sell for about $200 before tax.”

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