(Provided by The Merry Hempsters)

Hemp seed oil doggy delight helps humans too: Merry Hempsters Dog Salve (review)

A stout white tube of Certified Organic Dog Salve from The Merry Hempsters that’s perched next to my keyboard is depleted. The rich, khaki-colored ointment is but a stub in the handy roll-up container.

This salve is made with hemp seed oil and other natural ingredients including beeswax, lavender, calendula, rosemary and tea tree extracts, and intended to soothe cuts and rashes on furry best friends.

That it did. Terrier-baby was all too happy to let me care for a coddled paw with this treatment recently after she snapped a nail jumping down from the bed. Although, she may have been just as pleased with the attention as she was to receive a hemp salve massage on her boo-boo.

The Merry Hempsters, based in Eugene, Ore., is a company dedicated to promoting the benefits of hemp seed oil — apparently for all living beings. Or at least people and their dogs. The company markets its products as being organic, vegan and eco-friendly. Its product lineup includes lip balms and salves for people, including one variety that’s specifically meant to treat freshly-inked skin.

But this rich and affordable salve didn’t disappear in a matter of weeks because my dog is especially prone to accidents or breakouts. Her skin is tough. But mine? Not so much.

When the cold, dry winter left my hands uncomfortably chapped, or my own occasional skin irritations decided to become, well, irritating, despite an abundance of lotions and creams in the medicine cabinet, I repeatedly reached for the Organic Dog Salve and slathered it all over my own paws. I found its refreshing, herbaceous aroma and emollient blend to be nothing short of addictive.

With the absence of artificial preservatives, this product was gone faster than a doobie on 2 Chainz‘s tour bus. Happily, this salve is sold at a price that even a pampered pooch could afford.

The Merry Hempsters Organic Dog Salve is $5.25 at merryhempsters.com. This company’s products also are available at select Sprouts (formerly Sunflower) Farmers Markets and Vitamin Cottage locations.

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