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Gone Hemp: This lip balm is totally loveable, even for preteens (review)

Remember LiP Smackers?

For the benefit of hemp consumers who somehow missed out on this slice of Americana topped with a hearty dose of “Tiger Beat” magazine, beginning in the 1970s and carrying on right through today, LiP Smackers has been a resilient brand of smelly, tasty, candy-colored lip balms and glosses favored by preteen glamor pusses.

For many an adolescent, something was right in the world when there was a back-pocket tube of LiP Smackers at the ready to smear away life’s drama with a quick slick of such classic flavors as strawberry or watermelon, or more contemporary offerings like “Grape Fanta” or “Tropical Skittles.”

The LiP Smackers formula benefits from castor oil and wheat germ oil as opposed to hemp seed oil and also includes other, less sustainable ingredients.

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Hemp devotees who are nostalgic for such lip kitsch but also yearning for an organic, vegan, all-natural, grown-up alternative to LiP Smackers would be well-advised to check out the flavored lip balms from The Merry Hempster. This Oregon company is “dedicated to promoting the extraordinary benefits of hemp seed oil through the production of uniquely effective and environmentally friendly vegan and organic hemp skin care products,” according to its website.

And while beneficial hemp products are increasingly common these days, the scented lip balms from The Merry Hempster, which are available in spearmint, peppermint, lemon-lime, orange, vanilla and cinnamon, are among the few hemp lip balms that would appeal to the most discriminating of lip care consumers: Preteens.

While youngsters enjoy The Merry Hempster’s flavors, parents can appreciate these products’ clean ingredients. And most anyone can afford this lip balm’s fair price.

The Merry Hempster lip balms are about $3 each at Natural Grocers locations, indie retailers such Independent Records and Heads of State, and online at merryhempsters.com, where you can also find a store near you.

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