Earth Dog decorative hemp collars (Provided by Earth Dog)

Gone Hemp: Earth Dog collars use hemp for durable, cuddly purpose (review)

When given the choice, Lola prefers no collar. And since the only time this cuddly, 25-pound lap lover needs restraint is when a silly human leaves a sandwich unattended, the terrier usually gets her way when it comes to collars.

It’s not as though she doesn’t have any to wear. She has the pink rhinestone number from when she was a pup, and the handmade vintage bow-tie collar for holidays.

Most recently, Lola’s tags dangled from a Walk-e-Woo cherry and sparrow rockabilly-print nylon collar. The look was trés chic for a pooch, but apparently nowhere near as cozy as lounging away the day in a thick, brindle birthday suit. Lola shares her opinion on collars by nudging me with her button nose, then rigorously scratching at the fashion until it finally comes off.

So it is no small feat that for a week now, my canine queen has worn her springy pink hemp collar from Earth Dog with nary a complaint. Earth Dog is a Tennessee-based hemp pet products company that also sells leashes, dog beds and dog toys. I suspect that Lola took to her hemp collar because the fabric is softer and more lightweight than leather or nylon.

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What else makes for a great dog collar? Durability, style and price top my list.  Hemp fibers stand up to rough use, and Earth Dog has amassed a fetching selection of pooch apparel. The price is higher than what pet parents pay for collars at the big-box stores, but comparable or even less than other boutique collars.

The cost, however, may be negligible to socially-conscious hemp consumers: Ten percent of Earth Dog’s profits support spay and neuter programs.

Earth Dog’s decorative adjustable hemp collars are $22-$27 at

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