A screengrab from "60 Minutes Overtime" looking at Colorado marijuana. (Via CBS)

Video: ‘60 Minutes Overtime’ explores Colorado pot culture

Following Sunday’s “60 Minutes” broadcast regarding Colorado and legalized marijuana, the network’s web-only extra segment “Overtime” looks at pot tourism in the state.

Correspondent Bill Whitaker found the experience “mind blowing”:

“In all of our lives, in all of our experiences, marijuana, except in some instances for medical marijuana, marijuana has been illegal. You go to Colorado now and everything you thought about it is turned upside-down. It’s legal. It’s mind-blowing. You go into a warehouse and it’s a huge warehouse full of marijuana plants. And one we visited for our story is right across the street from a police station. You can smell it when you’re driving by. You can smell the marijuana in the air. And it’s all legal.”

“60 Minutes” producer Marc Lieberman notes that puns are an occupational hazard when covering the marijuana business — as Coloradans are painfully aware after a year’s worth of national media attention to the story.

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