The Denver Post's day-before-Thanksgiving homepage (

What The Denver Post’s day-before-Thanksgiving homepage looks like

On Thanksgiving Eve and a few days before Black Friday, The Denver Post’s homepage is looking pretty … well, dank.

Denver dispensary Dank Colorado bought out on Nov. 26 — yet another sign that marijuana normalization is very real in Colorado.

A friend of mine noticed the website buy-out and posted a screen-grab to his Facebook with the commentary: “Well, holiday shopping season must be right around the corner here in Colorado … the entire front page of The Denver Post’s website is taken over for an ad for … what else? ‘Here Gramma, I gotcha an eighth of Banana Diesel!’ Love the holidays!”

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Dank isn’t the only Colorado dispensary celebrating Black Friday with discounted deals.

“It’s our way of fitting in with more mainstream businesses and the businesses that are normal for Black Friday,” said Grass Station owner Ryan Fox, who will be selling $50 ounces in limited quantities on Friday-Sunday.

Denver Kush Club budtender Ryan Garvey added: “People are going to Best Buy and Walmart at 5 a.m., so by the time we open at 8 a.m. they’ll have already spent a lot of money and they’ll be looking for some relief.”

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