There could be a lot of concentrates and flower to be had at a discount this holiday season. (The Grass Station)

Denver pot shops joining Black Friday frenzy

While some might recommend a calming strain of marijuana to deal with the mania surrounding Black Friday, others will be lining up for “doorbuster” deals on that same Colorado pot this weekend.

The eager-to-normalize marijuana industry is ready to cash in on the weekend after Thanksgiving — just like everyone else.

Remember the marijuana food truck? Or the all-pot farmer’s market? The Halloween Candy Scare of 2014? The cannabis vending machine? And the infused Thanksgiving turkey recipe?

“It’s our way of fitting in with more mainstream businesses and the businesses that are normal for Black Friday,” Grass Station owner Ryan Fox said. “We also want to insert ourselves into the commerce involved from a retail perspective. It’s a great gift idea, and for some people it’s an outlet to deal with Black Friday, so maybe we’ll turn it into Green Friday someday.”

Fox’s shop won’t be alone in its Black Friday sale on Friday-Sunday, but his store, at 4125 Elati St., will mark the shopping holiday with surprisingly cheap deals.

What is his shop’s equivalent to Walmart’s dirt-cheap flat-screen TVs?

“It’ll definitely be the $50 ounces,” Fox said. “Right now our cheapest ounce is $250, and some of those ounces in the $250-$325 range will be selling for $50 an ounce on that weekend.”

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Across Denver in the historic Five Points neighborhood, the Denver Kush Club will sell a limited number of ounces of Chunky Diesel and Alien Dawg for $100 to medical patients and $150 ounces of Midnight Train on the recreational side on Friday. (The shop will sell 15 discounted ounces medically and another 15 recreationally.)

“People are going to Best Buy and Walmart at 5 a.m.,” said Kush Club budtender Ryan Garvey, “so by the time we open at 8 a.m. they’ll have already spent a lot of money and they’ll be looking for some relief.”

Celebrating Black Friday with loss-leader deals in the hopes of luring more regular customers is a pot shop’s way of saying that legal marijuana businesses are normal businesses. Like Best Buy and its ilk, supplies will be limited. The short list of the Grass Station’s best deals, which will be available each morning Friday-Sunday.

• $1 joints and cones: 60 per day.

• $5 grams of marijuana flower: 10 per day.

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