Jane's Addiction singer Perry Farrell performs at the Ogden Theatre on Nov. 19, 2014. (Nathan Iverson, heyreverb.com)

Jane’s Addiction in Denver: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, the brownie kicked in’

When Jane’s Addiction hit Denver’s Ogden Theatre for a show on Nov. 19, frontman Perry Farrell sounded hoarse for most of the night, but he didn’t blame his vocal issues on any second-hand smoke from the audience — unlike the lead singer from Temples, who asked people to stop smoking weed during their Denver show earlier this year.

Farrell seemed to be in quite the chatty mood as the band performed its seminal ’90s tour-de-force “Nothing’s Shocking,” talking randomly about sex, snowboarding and his trampoline, among other things. Maybe it had something to do with this:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the brownie kicked in,” Farrell announced at one point.

He then took a hit off an audience member’s vape pen.

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