Billy Idol (CBS News)

At 58, Billy Idol still gets high all the time: ‘I still smoke tons of pot’ (video)

Any Billy Idol fan knows the rocker is no stranger to substances.

Back in his ’80s heyday, Idol had a number of run-ins with the police and emergency room doctors as he OD’d on different drugs.

The subject came up in a recent interview with CBS News, and it’s fascinating listening to Idol talk his way through the old days — including a NYPD sting Idol accidentally came across in Washington Square Park when he was addicted to crack.

Video: Mobile users, watch the CBS “Sunday Morning” interview with Billy Idol here

So is Idol, now 58 years old, sober?

“I’m not sober,” Idol told CBS. “If I say to myself, ‘I’m never doing anything again,’ I’ll immediately go and do it.”

Idol said there’s no cocaine or heroin in his recreational schedule. And while he does enjoy the occasional alcoholic drink, he’s more focused on another recreational foray.

“I like smoking pot,” Idol said. “I still smoke tons of pot.”

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