Drew Koehler poses with one of the Volcano vaporizers he is renting out through his company, Steamboat420. (Scott Franz, Steamboat Today)

Rent a vape: Steamboat Springs service offers visitors Volcanos

Steamboat Springs entrepreneur Drew Koehler is hoping to tap into the state’s lucrative recreational marijuana industry with his new vaporizer rental business that he says offers visitors a healthier and more discreet way of getting high.

Tourists and locals rent skis, bikes and other things when they come to Steamboat.

Koehler started wondering, “Why not vaporizers, too?”

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“We saw space in the market,” Koehler said. “When I first moved to Steamboat, I was searching for Volcano vaporizers, and I couldn’t find them. I could only buy them online. I thought it would be really great if I could rent one just like skis or a bike.”

Koehler recently launched Steamboat420, a business that rents out Volcano vaporizers to tourists and locals.

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